Hard-Core-DX.com: S. AZ TPs, Sunday 5/26

S. AZ TPs, Sunday 5/26

Sunday, May 26 2019

Ndblist's monthly CLE (coordinated listening event) is this weekend. I
got up early past two mornings to try to get some Pacific beacons but
conditions have been very poor. Since the 530 Adak Alaska NDB (ADK
ident) came back on about a month ago after years of being off, it's a
good signal when conditions are decent. I haven't heard it yet this
weekend, but did get two TP MW AMBC briefly this morning. 774 Japan
occasional very poor talk 1145 utc; 828 Japan with a brief fadeup with
woman talking, poor level, 1149 utc. 657 and 1135 with good hets.

Steve AA7U

near Sahuarita, AZ

R75; 140' west DKAZ + FLG100 preamp