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Mystery 1120khz

Monday, June 03 2019

My mystery 1120 signal has finally been solved.

Despite being listed as news talk, XEMX 1120 Mexicali apparently runs
several hours of oldies/AC music in the late night/early morning time. I
finally got a decent enough bit of reception from them with a liner
included and thanks to Tim Hall, he picked out the ID (My spanish is beyond

400 W Day, 100 W night non directional from about 800 miles.


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 4:57 AM Paul B. Walker, Jr. <
walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com> wrote:

> Who on earth on 1120 is playing english language oldies/rock music? It's
> not WVLZ, WSME, WVLZ, KANN or KCRN. I've heard this before and never ID'd
> it. I don't think its KZSJ, because whenever I'd heard them before, it was
> all Asian language music any time they played anything
> Who am I missing? I also checked the Mexican AM lsit from IRCA and based
> upon format listed, I didn't see a match, but I didn't hunt down streams
> Whenever I have one of these UN'ID signals, it always seems to be a head
> smacking "Duh, I can't imagine I missed that one"
> Paul Walker
> Laramie, Wyoming
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