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Logs and news from The Eastern Caribbean

Friday, June 07 2019

I have made a list of active and silent MW stations in the Eastern Caribbean. Please check mediumwave.info/news.html from June 5.

Meanwhile - a couple of SW logs:

BRAZIL 5939.7 on June 2 at 0020. Radio Voz Missionaria with endless religious preaching in Portuguese. Strong.

CANADA 6070 on June 2 at 0134. CFRX, Ontario, carrying Newstalk 10-10. Fairly good signal.

CUBA 5040, 6000, 6100 and 6165 on June 3 Radio Havana Cuba from 0500. Most of the frequencies coming very well with strong signals. Telling
about the illegal US blocade om Cuba and the efforts from the USA for regime change in Cuba. Arnie Coros fine DX-programme at 0516 followed by
the Mailbag show at 0516-0536. There is always a lot right at Radio Havana Cuba.

CUBA 5025 Radio Rebelde on June 3 still audible at 0900 but getting weaker

ECUADOR 6050 La Voz de los Andes on June 2 at O025 in indiginous language. At 0030 flute music and into Spanish preaching without any ID.

EUROPIRATE 6205 Laser Hot Hits on June 1 at 2220. Pop music and American English accented ID. Weak but easily readable. Also noted on June 3
at 2230-2300 with even better signals. Local sunset at the listening post in Guadeloupe is at 2230 UTC.

GUINEA 9650 on June 3 at 2130-2200 Radio Guinée with talk in French. Strong but some interference from Algeria (via France) on 9655. Better
after 2200.

NIGERIA 7255 Voice of Nigeria June 3 from 0745 in Hausa. Long talk, short chant, local drums and into English at 0758 incl announcements and
IDs. News in English at 0800.

MALI 5995 Radio Mali on June 3 at 2200. Local music and later newscast. Strong.

MALI 9635 Radio Mali on June 4 at 0945-1030. Local music. Two hosts. Varied programme. Strong but getting weaker by 1030.

MEXICO 6185 Radio Educacion on June 3 from 0100 with talk in Spanish and nearly half an hour with jazz music. ID at 0130 incl frequency ann of

SURINAME 4990 Radio Apintie at 0005 on June 2 with a surprising good and readable signal. Dutch speaking announcer taking phone calls and
asking for text messages from listeners. Also noted a lot og other times. A.o on June 3 at 2200 with an acapella shout ID. Believed to be 24
hrs a day.

Best 73s, Stig Hartvig Nielsen, listening in Deshaies, Guadeloupe, on a Tecsun PL-880 with 30 m longwire

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