Hard-Core-DX.com: Los Angeles radio stations as of May 15, 1922

Los Angeles radio stations as of May 15, 1922

Sunday, June 09 2019

All frequencies 360 meters (time sharing) unless noted.

Earl C Anthony, KFI
Beacon Light CO., KNR
Bible Institute of LA, KJS
Braun Corp., KXS
Bullock's, KNN
City Dye Works and Laundry, KUS
Irving S Cooper, KZI
Electric Lighting Supply Co., KNX
Kieruiff & Co, C. R., KHJ
Arno A Kluge, KQL
Los Angeles Examiner, KWH
Leo J Meyberg Co., KYJ (360, 485)
Pomona Fixture & Wiring CO., KGF
Radio Supply Co., KNV
Standard Radio Co., KJC
Western Electric Radio Co., KOG

Some others of possible interest:
Westinghouse Electric Co., KDKA
Warner Brothers, KLS (Oakland CA)

I hope this was accurately typed, used my cellphone.


73 de Joe, KJ8O