Hard-Core-DX.com: Super special logs this Sunday

Super special logs this Sunday

Tuesday, June 11 2019

'secret' logs for this time using KA7U KSDR in Idaho USA this sunday while doing band monitoring

6507 Iquit R 1232 with meteo fair
6520 VoP 1235 with S7 mixed with strng digital sigal from NK
6555 QSo talks 1237 in MWARA network with 5F groups S7
7570 WRMI 1238 'supreme master TV' I m debby Sx
7505 TWR 1239 discussions in JP
8113 Wiluna 1241 meteo talks
8117 CHN meteo ?1243 talks in CC mentioning shanghai S2
8140 DaNang R VTN with talks in Viet pres meteo 1246 with S2
8152 QSO net with sigal up to S7
8743 Khrunthep Meteowith S7 1207 mentioning meteo KHz etc
8910 scrambled audio 1309
9100 Echo of hope with talks in Korean S9 nertly clear inthe ferquency 1319
9180 CNR? with music with taditioal rythm on 1320 Also on 9215 on 1321

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