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JRX Logs Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Wednesday, June 12 2019

JRX Logs_Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Receiver (s): Degen DE1103 & Tecsun S-2000
Antenna (s): Longwire & Sony AN-71 Compact

** 610. Jun 11, 2019. 0212-0223, Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte-MG. Man announcer presents a sports program "Apito Final": many news and comments about football, mainly; ID. Fair to poor reception this night, noise and fading, 35433 to 35422.
** 830. Jun 11, 2019. 0437-0445, Radio Princesa da Serra, Itabaiana-SE. Programming of Radio Tupi of Rio de Janeiro affiliated: News, spots and other variety themes this time. Fair reception, 35433.
** 870. Jun 11, 2019. 0456-0503, Radio Cidade, Juazeiro-BA. Man announcer talks about the psychopathic personality in this recorded program. Station affiliated to Rede Boas Novas de Radio, with a fair reception and slight interference by Radio Nacional, Buenos Aires-AR, 34433.
** 890. Jun 11, 2019. 0504-0510, Radio Tamandare, Olinda-PE. Man pastor makes a christian sermon. A gospel song. Fair reception to evangelical station, 35433.
** 930. Jun 11, 2019. 0515-0525, Radio Liberdade, Aracaju-SE. Sports program with news and comments. Station affiliated to Radio Bandeirantes de Sao Paulo-SP. Fair reception, 35433.
** 940. Jun 11, 2019. 0526-0532, Super Radio Brasil, Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Station belongs to Rede Boa Vontade de Radio. Man pastor Paiva Neto make a christian sermon; Woman announcer talks about  The Gospel of St. John. Very good reception, 45544.
** 950. Jun 11, 2019. 0554-0602, Radio Atalaia, Belo Horizonte-MG. Woman and man announcers present a newsletter "Boletim Informativo Aleluia"; 0600 Program "Madrugada com Deus" (Dawn with God): Man pastor makes a preaching. Fair reception with a slight interference by UNID in spanish language, 34433.
** 960. Jun 11, 2019. 0604-0610, Radio Difusora de Alagoas, Maceio-AL. Man announcer presents a musical program "Som da Madrugada": variety songs. Good reception, 45444.
** 980. Jun 11, 2019. 0225-0240, Radio Nacional de Brasilia, Brasilia-DF. Mr. Mauricio Rabello presents a program "Eu de cá, você de lá !" (I`m over here, you`re over there!); Conversation with linteners, by phone; Musics; Local time and ID. Good reception of this MW transmission, 45444.
** 1040. Jun 11, 2019. 0243-0305, Radio Capital, Sao Paulo-SP. A catholic program "Vamos falar com Deus" by father Pereira; ID; Stations´ announcements, including a program by father Marcelo Rossi next june 17; Songs with Roberto Carlos; 0300 Start a program "Esperanca e Fe" (Hope and Faith) by father Jaime Pelegrini. Good reception, 45444.
** 1200. Jun 11, 2019. 0345-0402, Ceara Radio Clube, Fortaleza-CE. Mr. Alexandre Ferreira apresenta o programa "Passarela do Amor" (Catwalk to Love): Dedicated to the listener who wishes to marry! A romantic song (Lady in Red) dedicate to candidate Maria Regina. Fair reception to this station programming of the Radio Tupi of Rio de Janeiro affiliated, 35433.
** 1210. Jun 11, 2019. 0334-0344, Radio Jornal, Garanhuns-PE. Program "Madrugada Comando Geral": Radionews; ID by Radio Jornal, "The Voice of Pernambuco": Music, news and more... This station belongs to Radio Jornal do Commercio (writing with 2 m letters) Network, 35433.
** 1260. Jun 11, 2019. 0320-0334, Radio Morada do Sol, Sao Paulo-SP. Station belongs to IPDA (Pentecostal Church God is Love); Man "evangelical" pastor makes a sermon with very exciting moments and says: Go out Devil !! 0328 A brief song and announcements by news IPDA programming. Fair reception, 35433.
** 1270. Jun 11, 2019. 0305-0320, Radio Brazil Central, Goiania-GO. Man announcer presents a musical program, with a variety national and international songs, including Abba song. ID and right before each song. Fair reception this dawn, 35433.
** 11780. Jun 11, 2019. 1935-1945, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia-DF. On-air with woman announcer and brazilian songs. Barely audible reception and a severe interference by CRI spur on 11775kHz, 14311.

** 15140. Jun 11, 2019. 1900-1917, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in English. IS and ID; Man and woman present a newsletter in slow english with accent; 1915 ID and website. Fair reception this afternoon, here, 35433.Note: After 1924UT, modulation with frequent interrupts till 1932UT !

** 9650. Jun 11, 2019. 1735-1750, Radio Guinee, Conakri-GUI, in French. Man announcer presents a musical program, with very good local songs; ID sometimes. Very good reception, 45544.

JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier
SWARL Callsign PR7036SWL
Cabedelo, Brazil (UTC-3)

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