Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs July 17-18, 2019

Glenn Hauser logs July 17-18, 2019

Thursday, July 18 2019

** KIRITIMATI. 846 kHz, July 18 at 0604, JBA carrier, surely from R.
Kiribati. Too late for anything from Eurafrica in the summer, but not
too early for propagation from Xmas Island. Last trace of 846 heard
here (along with several others) was April 29 at 1121-1128.

At 0607, I also have a JBA carrier noticeably off-frequency minus from
774-, but not sure what that could be. Surely not Iran or Indonesia as

** KOREA SOUTH. 15575, July 18 at 1357, KBS World Radio, S7-S9 W&M
English hosts chatting, almost readable, and concluding the hour, 1359
a bit of (what else?) K-pop, 1400 theme and opening in Korean. Best
heard yet, allegedly now pumping 250 kW our way over a path barely
viable at midsummer.

Meanwhile, VOK from the North is better as usual on 25m, 11710 S7-S9
but louder, //? weaker 11735 also finishing English hour with typical
triumphant music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U K. The BBC Proms season 2019 is about to start with the First
Night on July 19; until Last Night 14 September; on BBC Radio 3
webcasts. All the details here:

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1990 monitoring: confirmed Wednesday July 17
on WRMI 9955, but not until late cut-on, JIP at 2100:50, S5-S7. Such
are the risks of being the very first program on any transmission. At
least most of it, if 9955 stayed on.

Simulcast on WBCQ 7490.1v? Wed July 17 at 2100, JBA carrier, as usual
in deep summer, almost all the signal absorbed on the way. Checked
webcast at 2120 and heard: Equal mixture of me and Brother Scare!
Notified the boardops ASAP, but by 2128 recheck of webcast, now it`s
not funxioning at all. Unknown if same mixture was also outgoing on
7490. Did anyone hear it?

Not confirmed UT Thursday July 18 at 0100, NO signal on 7780 WRMI;
while 7730 & 7570 are nominal with BS, always much stronger than 7780
even when it`s on. Still AWOL at 0128. Strange that with 14
transmitters, WRMI is often missing rather than substituting another
if there`s a problem with one of them. Thus there was something wrong
with the last three scheduled North American broadcasts of 1990, so I
hope most have already heard it anyway. If not:

(mp3 stream) http://www.w4uvh.net/wor1990.m3u
(mp3 download) http://www.w4uvh.net/wor1990.mp3
0930 UT Friday Unique Radio 5045-USB NSW

WOR 1991 to be produced by late UT July 18, ready for first airings
Friday July 19; starting in NAm at 2200 on WRMI 9955.

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

** U S A. 5130.4, UT Thu July 18 at 0150, this weak WBCQ is on with
talkshow, seems Hal Turner same as much stronger 7490.2, and not synch
on 9455 WRMI. 9330v is still silent. HT live (not recommended) is UT
Thu 0000-0200 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 5890, July 18 at 0546, S9+10/20 of dead air, i.e. WWCR again
for no apparent reason. The other three are nominal: 5935 S9/+10 of
PMS; 4840 S9+20/30 modulating algo; 3215, S9+10/20 of BS (Glenn

** U S A. 15809.963V, July 18 at 1352, S7-S8 of music, obviously
WTWW-3 in a rare appearance on this or any frequency, wobbling
slightly. Last dates I logged it were May 18 and 19 on 15809.918.

Still there at 1429 today while NO other WTWWs are on: 12105, 9930,
9475, 5830 or 5085. Still at 1648 with ``Amazing Grace``. 9475 is
still off. Ivo Ivanov was hearing 15810 as early as 1200 today, and
Wolfgang Bueschel measured it at 1240 on 15809.971 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** U S A. 1210, July 18 at 0559 UT, WJNL Kingsley MI 50 kW daytimer
continues cheating all night, wrapping up talkshow
something-Reality-Radio --- is it Beyond? Not on their station list
but time fits as Mon-Thu 12-2 am ET [04-06 UT]. I`m sure this is WJNL
yet again, altho at ID time, KGYN is atop. Now the SAH is 156/minute =
2.6 Hz.

Or is it Public Reality Radio? Originating with WPRR 1680 Ada (Grand
Nothing there about being on the WJNL group too, but I see some
erstwhile left-wing hosts are to be heard: Stephanie Miller, Thom
Hartmann! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1701 UT July 18