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UNID on 7262.0 kHz. ?

Wednesday, July 24 2019

NOTHING heard/seen on v7262 kHz around 1045-1215 UT July 24,
checked in Hiroshima Akitakata, Tokyo and Delhi India remote SDR's.

7220even CHN CNR2 from Golmud tx center #916, Chinese S=9+10dB at 11.00 UT
7225even CHN PBS Sichuan 2 from Chengdu in Tibetan probably S=9, 11.03 UT
7230even CHN CNR1 Xianyang tx site #594, Chinese til 18.05 UT at S=9 level.
7235even and co-channel 7235.009 kHz
CHN CNR1 program jamming S=8-9 and against co-ch probably,
TWN R TWN international from Tamsui site at 11.04 UT
7245even TJK Tajik Radio from Dushanbe Yangi-Yul, exact fq like standard
signal station, precise aligned as always by the technician there.
7255even CHN PBS Xizang, old Lhasa tx center, Tibetan, S=8 in JPN SDR,
S=9+25dB noted in Delhi India SDR unit. At 10.53 UT on July 24.
7259.991 CHN PBS Xinjiang from Urumqi at 10.54 UT, S=8 in Akitakata JPN,
S=9+25dB in Delhi India SDR installation. Scheduled 08-11 UT.
7260even MNG Mongolian Radio from Ulanbataar, S=6 co-ch, weak at Delhi.
Nice mx program heard in Hiroshima and Tokyo SDR's.
7270even CHN PBS Nei Menggu scheduled in Mongolian language, S=8-9 in
remote SDR at Akitakata Japan. 10.55 UT on July 24.

and now at 12.22 UT discovered your UNID string signals too, mostly
and stronger in Hiroshima Akitakata SDR than in Delhi:
7270even CHN PBS Nei Menggu in Mongolian language, totally distorted
audio quality noted now, scratch peaks hit my ears and
produced also BUZZ signals some exact 4 kHz distance away
either sideband,
visible on exact fqs of 7262, 7266, 7274, 7278 kHz at 12.22 UT.
I'll provide you with a .MP3 recording of Menggu signal at 12.33 UT.

7270.009 UNID stn heard in Japan, but narrowed the true when checked in
Delhi India SDR:
7270.010 IND AIR Delhi Tamil / Sinhala domestic channel via Chennai
Madras site, S=9+15dB signal at 11.05 and 11.43 UT on July 24.
7274.997 CHN Guizhou PBS in Chinese, underneath, and
7275even KOR KBS Seoul Korean powerhouse S=9+30dB in JPN SDR unit,
heard at 10.58 UT, proper 11.2 kHz broadband signal measured.
7275even in Delhi noted at 11.45 UT equal signal level S=8-9 of
KOR KBS Seoul Korean, and PBS Xinjiang Urumqi in Uyghur.
7284.971 VTN VoVTN Hanoi Son Tay in Laotian, 11-12 UT, fair signal
S=7-8 at 11.52 UT in Delhi India SDR.
7290even CHN CNR1 Beijing #572 bcast center, S=9+10dB at 11.54 UT.
7315even CHN CNR2 from Xianyang #594 bcast center site, 11.00-16.05 UT
S=9+15dB in Delhi India.
7325even CHN CRI in Japanese, S7 sidelobe from Jinhua #831 bcast center
site, at 11.57 UT.
7340even CHN XJBS PBS Xinjiang Urumqi outlet, in Kazakh language,
western popular music played at 11.58 UT, S=9+20dB in Delhi.
7344.996 MMR/BUR MMRS Thazin Radio from northern bcast center at
Pyin U Lwin site. Rather poor S=7 signal in Delhi India site.
12.00 UT on July 24. and co-channel
7345even poor probably CHN CNR1 Beijing #572 kHz outlet - probably ?
7360even CHN CRI Beijing in Thai language via Kunming Anning Yunnan
broadcast center #501 site, S=9 at 12.02 UT on July 24.
7365even CHN CNR1 Shijiazhuan #723 site, poor at S=8 level at 12.16 UT

73 wb df5sx


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From: "Ron Howard" Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 4:40 PM

Subject: Re: UNID on 7262.0 kHz. ?

Greetings from California!

July 23 - Again with UNID station on 7262.0 kHz. (best in USB); 1213 UT,
with weak carrier; by 1223 UT, seemed to be some type of music? Again ham
QRM and 7265 QRM at *1230 UT.

Hope for a day with very good propagation, to be able to tell what is
happening here.

On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 7:05 AM Ron Howard <> wrote:

If you have a chance, can you check on 7262.0 kHz.? Am hearing a definite
carrier; best in USB to get away from the three stations on 7260; have
noted UNID for several days now.
On July 22, heard at 1204+ UT, with signal strength better by 1225 UT, but
couldn't pull in any audio; blocked by 7265 kHz, at *1230 UT. Some ham
QRM. Am still hearing the PBS Nei Menggu spur on 7266 kHz.

Sometimes I check 7265 kHz, in case Azad Kashmir Radio should return.
Thanks very much.

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