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SWLDXBulgaria News August 18

Sunday, August 18 2019

SWLDXBulgaria News August 18 (publications №21376-№21390)
AUSTRIA(non) Reception of Radio DARC#235 via ORS Moosbrunn, August 18
0900-1000 on 6070 MOS 100 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sun, good

AUSTRIA(non) Reception of SM Radio Dessau via ORS Moosbrunn on August 18:
till 1100 on 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sun Radio Ohre Namen
1101-1159 on 6070 MOS 100 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sun-very good

FRANCE(non) Summer A19 schedule of Radio For Peace International on

GERMANY The rotatable antenna manufacturer Ampegon went bankrupt and
was bought
by CESTRON, Communication Engineering Services and Electronics.
CESTRON announces
acquisition of strategic assets from Ampegon and AM Broadcast. Here
News Release:https://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-rotatable-antenna-manufacturer.html

GERMANY(non) Adventist World Radio Obectivo DX#842 via MBR Nauen, August 18
0900-1000 on 9610 NAU 125 kW / 180 deg to SoEu Italian Sun, very good

GERMANY(non) Pan American Broadcasting PAB via MBR Nauen, August 18:
1430-1445 on 15205 NAU 250 kW / 094 deg to SoAs English Sun, very

KUWAIT Reception of MOI Radio Kuwait General Service in 31mb on August 18
1055-1333 on 9749.8 KBD 250 kW / 286 deg to NEAf Arabic-good signal, co-ch
at same time 9750.0 YAM 300 kW / 290 deg to EaAs Japanese Radio Japan

PHILIPPINES Good signal of FEBC Radio / Radio Teos on August 18
1500-1530 on 9920 BOC 100 kW / 323 deg to CeAs Russian Daily &
1530-1600 on 9920 BOC 100 kW / 323 deg to CeAs Ukr/Rus Sunday:
Wrong time&freq: 19-20 MST on 11650, not 18-19 MST on 9920

ROMANIA(non) Reception of IRRS EGR/UNR via RADIOCOM Săftica, August 18
0930-1200 on 9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English Sun, good

SECRETLAND(non) Brother Stair via SPL Secretbrod in 25mb on August 18
1400-1655 on 11600 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg to WeEu English, very good

SECRETLAND(non) Reception of From the Isle of Music via SPL
Secretbrod on August 18
1500-1600 on 9400 SCB 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEu English/Spanish Sun,
very good signalhttps://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2019/08/reception-of-from-isle-of-music-via-spl_18.html

SECRETLAND(non) Brother Stair via SPL Secretbrod in 31mb, August 18
1600-1945 on 9400 SCB 100 kW / 126 deg to N/ME English, good

TURKEY Voice of Turkey in Kazakh on odd frequency 11825.7 kHz, August 18:
1330-1355 on 11825.7 EMR 500 kW / 072 deg to CeAs Kazakh, instead of nominal
Something`s always wrong at TRT Voice of Turkey Emerler transmitting

U.K.(non) Trans World Radio Africa via ENC-DMS Al-Dhabayya on August 18
1300-1315 on 17680 DHA 250 kW / 230 deg to EaAf Afar Thu-Sun, fair

USA(non) Summer A-19 of Encore Classical Music on


73! Ivo Ivanov

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QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire

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