Hard-Core-DX.com: Alberta TPs for 24 August 2019

Alberta TPs for 24 August 2019

Sunday, August 25 2019

Was out of town the last couple of days, but checking the recordings
showed the Asian big guns coming in with audio, as well as 1116 from
Australia.  Today was the best day of the three, and far better for Asia
than I normally get in August.

594    JOAK    Tokyo, JAPAN    Man in Japanese at 1157

693    JOAB    Tokyo, JAPAN    Man speaking in Japanese at 1149, //774 etc

738    unID     Traces of man speaking at 1206

747    JOIB    Sapporo, JAPAN    Man speaking in Japanese at 1151, //774 etc

774     JOUB     Akita, JAPAN     Man in Japanese at 1151.

828     JOBB     Osaka, JAPAN     Man in Japanese at 1152.

855     unID     Traces of man talking at 1205.

972    HLCA    Dangjin, S.KOREA    Man in Korean at 1158

1107    unID    Traces of music at 1156

1116    4BC     Brisbane, AUSTRALIA     Bits of English talk poking
through at 1157 with man and woman talking.

1287    JOHR    Sapporo, JAPAN    Man speaking in Japanese at 1152

1386    NHK2   synchros, JAPAN    Man in Japanese, //774 etc, at 1153

1548    4QD    Emerald, AUSTRALIA    Too weak to be truly IDable, but
the man speaking under 1550 splatter at 1205 had the ABC 'sound'.

1566   HLAZ    Jeju, S.KOREA  Man speaking in Korean at 1216.

The Japanese big guns (especially 774 and 828) may well have been at the
strongest level I've ever heard them in August.   Quite a few other
strong carriers also noted, so an exceptional day for this early in the


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array

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