Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs October 9-10-11, 2019

Glenn Hauser logs October 9-10-11, 2019

Friday, October 11 2019

CUBA At 06.17UT break on electricity on Cuba island.

TX break on 5999.995 kHz RHC Quivican English sce,
6165 kHz RHC Bauta totally off at 05-07 this Oct 11 morning.

5040 kHz RHC Bauta in En nx at 06.00 UT S=9+35dB in Alberta CAN,
+ accompanied whistle tone 120 Hertz BUZZ,
and plus/minus 2880 Hertz tone too.
English feed off at 06.17 UT, but carrier on air til 06.26 UT.

Only 6100even RHC Bauta English on air.
S=9+20dB in Edmonton Alberta CAN, (ATT off antenna selection option),
Sport news end at 06.19 UT, Beetles song at 06.21 UT.

7505 kHz USA OFF air at 05.45 UT Oct 11.
7254.941 NIG Probably VoNigeria Abuja morning sce,
carrier visible poor S=5-6 threshold signal
at 05.54 UT on Oct 11.
5025even CUB R Rebelde S=9+30dB signal,
little late time pips at 06.00:40 UT.
5085even USA WTWW English ID at 06.03 UT S=9+40dB powerful.

Nothing heard of WBCQ on all known frequs at 06.02 UT check.

5800.011 USA Likely WRMI Okeechobee reserve TX unit?, Gospel choir sung,
at 06.05 UT on Oct 11, weak signal S=6.
5829.986 USA WTWW En, talk on SW radio, newsletter ..., strong carrier,
but low modulation, S=9+30dB in Alberta. 06.07 UT.
5850even USA WRMI Okeechobee powerhouse of TOM B_Stair roarer program,
S=9+60dB needle-end read at 06.08 UT.
5939.643 BRA R Voz Missionaria BrasPort, poor S=6-7 at 06.09 UT.
5945.004 NZL R NZi from Rangitaiki site, S=9+40dB powerful in Alberta
(ATT 30dB switch option), hard rock pop mx at 06.12 UT Oct 11
' ... touch me ... ' rock.
5999.995 CUB RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site, En program,
election talk, S=9+25dB, talk on Jason Richman(?) matter,
Sudden TX BREAK from 06.17 UT onwards, totally OFF AIR.
6010.041 BRA Brazilian tiny signal string at 06.19 UT.
6135.109 BRA R Aparecida at 06.24 UT on Oct 11, fair S=7 signal strong
enough to compare possitively with live webradio on URL
6165 CUB totally OFF air this morning.

73 wb df5sx

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CUBA. 5040, Oct 10 at 0618, RHC English is still on here, and //
best 6100, while 6165 has reverted to JBA and 6000 off. Something`s
always wrong at RHC.

SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 5850, Oct 10 at 0612, WRMI is still on much
later than before, with Brother Scare, S9+10 and not synchronized with
superfluous WWCR 4840 & 3215. Checking the WRMI skedgrid,
http://www.tinyurl.com/WRMIfqs --- there`s a lot more green on it as
Brother HyStairical has bought a bunch more time. No new frequencies,
but old ones have been expanded greatly with more and more BS. May
have bumped some other programming as I have not studied it carefully,
but not directly affecting any WOR times. Where does BS come up with
rich psychophants shoveling money at him?

15770 is one of them, now shown as running all night as well as all
day, altho it`s not likely to propagate overnight; Oct 11 at 0231
check I get a JBA carrier.

U S A. 7505v, Oct 11 at 0237, WRNO manages to stay on with gospel
huxter in English, but now just barely modulated.
This report dispatched at 0508 UT October 11
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