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Cruise ship dxing

Monday, November 04 2019

Right you are, Colin! I've done many cruises, and always bring along a
radio, including SDRs at times. If you have a balcony, great. Trying to
DX from within is a wasted exercise, mostly. Too much noise within the
ship. One can try to tape a magnetic loop on a window, but it's a poor
second choice to being outside, where you can DX with the whip (or a random
wire, or magnetic loop outside). I've never had any issues with crew, but
I have heard of others being ordered to remove any wires. No issue on HAL,
my usual cruise line. Another good spot is at the aft end of the ship
where there's usually lots of open space, and little noise. I DX'd there
crossing the Pacific a few years ago, with excellent results....just about
froze my **s off, though, trying to do the same in Greenland this past
summer! SDRs are a good option. I brought an Elad FDM S2 with me on our
last across Pacific cruise. It was great to record the entire band, and to
then also do some FM DXing (along with RDS) in exotic locales like
Vanuatu. There's a start. Oh, never, ever, had any questions from the
airlines or security about modified portables. All good there. 73,

On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 8:46 AM R. Colin Newell <coffeecanuck@gmail.com>

> Walt Salmaniw is the global cruise expert -- he'll likely chime in shortly.
> On Mon, Nov 4, 2019 at 4:09 AM Carl DeWhitt <cedewhitt@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I will be going on a southern Caribbean cruise soon.I plan to take along
> a
> > newly acquired C.Crane Skywave SSB,a Grundig 2 and possibly a Tecsun
> PL-380
> > to do some dxing onboard.Our room has a balcony which.might be good to dx
> > from.Has anyone in the group done any cruise ship dxing ? Do you have any
> > recommendations ?I plan to concentrate on AM and FM and possibly some
> > SWBC.Thanks.Carl DeWhitt,KI5SF
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