Hard-Core-DX.com: HOT : Radio war between V o Iran and IRIB

HOT : Radio war between V o Iran and IRIB

Monday, November 25 2019

HOT : Radio war between V o Iran and IRIB

6220  2250+ a signal -50dbm carrier with 1 kHz tonetough it seems introducing 2 3 and 4 kHz tones,  with only 3-4 dbm of fading. Surely IRIBjammer.   Still   nothing even passing the 2300z At 2319 a stationin Farsi (V of Iran presume ) with a stanag intruder : Liangas 23-11

6230 IRIB 2002 with program in Arabic , S30 ascopied in R75 with program that seemed as V of Palestine or “al thaniya el Filistiniya‘ due to the continuous use of Palstine in most of the program. Aback on  2256 there was a short power off while the programwas about Iraq and signal was decreased to around S9 Below then there was a transmissionin farsi that was more clear on 2250 ,apparently V Iran . Poor modulation on  all times Liangas 24-11

The only I wonder is who can listen at thattime..

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