Hard-Core-DX.com: JRX Logs November 30, 2019

JRX Logs November 30, 2019

Saturday, November 30 2019

JRX Logs_ November 30, 2019
Receiver (s)_ Tecsun S-2000 & XHDATA D-808
Antenna (s)_ Mini Loop to SW & Longwire

** 12050. Nov 30, 2019. 1905-1925, Radio Ndarason International, Ascension Island-ASC, in Kanuri. Open carrier with S=5 and died air till 1912. After 1912 starts man voice in news, presumably; Local song, tribal song, only people and drums; 1921 ID by man announcer. Very good reception, 55544.

** 13670.  Nov 30, 2019. 1933-1943, MWV-Radio Feda, Mahajanga-MDG, in Arabic. Man and woman announcers talk; 1936 A song; 1938 Woman talks; Man talks, ID and website radiofeda.com .Good reception, 45544.

** 11770. Nov 30, 2019. 1824-1834, Voice of Nigeria, Abuja-Lugbe-NIG, in English. Man announcer presents news, including external woman and man reporters participation; 1828 ID with a interesting jingle; 1829 Man says ID: Voice of Nigeria Abuja ! and  a reggae song by Bob Marley at 1830; 1833 Woman talks. Good reception, 45544.

** 12120. Nov 30, 2019. 1846-1856, Radio Pilipinas, Tinang-PHL, in Tagalog. Man talks and a conversation with other man; 1854 Woman talks. Good reception with a slight unidentified RTTY interference, here, 44444.Parallel log on 9925kHz, relay Tinang, 45444.

** 11820. Nov 30, 2019. 1835-1845, Saudi Radio International, Riyadh-ARS, in Arabic. Muslin cleric singing the Koran. Good reception, 45544.

** 11750. Nov 30, 2019. 1745-1815, SLBC-City FM, Trincomalee-CLN, in Sinhala. Man talks and next a song; 1751 Man and woman announcers talk, ID and website, news presumably; 1758 A song by duet singers; 1802 Man announcer talks and other song; 1806 Voices and other song. Good reception, 45544.

** 9330. Nov 30, 2019. 0045-0057, WBCQ 6-World´s Last Chance Radio, Monticello-ME, in Portuguese. Two men announcers in conversation about religious themes, with questions and answers; After each space, a woman announcer says the ID and website of WLC Radio. Good reception for this november 29 program edition, 45544.

** 6155. Nov 30, 2019. 0102-0115, NHK World Japan, Tashkent-UZB, in Hindi. Man and woman announcers talking during this log. Transmission varying between poor and barely audible reception in my area, 25422 to 25411.

JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier
SWARL Callsign PR7036SWL
Cabedelo, Brazil (UTC-3)

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