Hard-Core-DX.com: JRX Logs November 30-December 1st, 2019

JRX Logs November 30-December 1st, 2019

Monday, December 02 2019

JRX Logs_ November 30-December 1st, 2019
Receiver (s)_ Tecsun S-2000 & XHDATA D-808
Antenna (s)_ Longwire & Mini Loop to SW

** 12005. Dec 1st, 2019. 1901-1910, Follow the Bible Ministry, Ascension Island-ASC, in English. Pastor makes a religious sermon. Very good reception to this sunday transmission, 55544.Parallel log on 11660kHz, Ascension, 45444.

** 9665. Dec 1st, 2019. 0932-0950, Radio Voz Missionária, Camboriú-SC, in Portuguese. Man announcer presents a musical program "Voz Missionária Louvores": Good religious songs in many languages. At 0941, a interesting fact: Man announcer says ID, website and broadcast location all in english language! Very good!Fair reception this morning, 35533.

** 9695. Dec 1st, 2019. 1832-1842, China Radio International, Kashgar-CHN, in Bulgarian language. Woman announcer presents news, presumably. Good reception, 45544.

** 6130. Dec 1st, 2019. 2000-2010, TWR Africa, Manzini-SWZ, in Portuguese. Man voice; 2003 A music. Barely audible reception with poor signal, noises and fades, 25311.

** 9845. Dec 1st, 2019. 1912-1920, MWV-New Life Station, Mahajanga-MDG, in Russian language. Man and woman present this program. Fair reception, 35433..
** 11985. Dec 1st, 2019. 1921-1930, Adventist World Radio, Talata-Volonondry-MDG, in Arabic. Open carrier (S=4) and dead air till 1934.Parallel log on 6120kHz, relay Nauen-D, 35433.
** 13670. Dec 1st, 2019. 1935-1956, MWV-Radio Feda, Mahajanga-MDG, in Arabic. A song; Woman talks, ID by man and woman; 1937 Women announcers in nice conversation; 1940 A short song; Man talks, ID and website; Woman talks and music; 1956 Woman talks: ID and bye-bye. Very good reception, 55544.

** 9335. Nov 30, 2019. 2340-2400, Voice of America, Tinang-PHL, in Burmese. Man and woman announcers talk, in conversation with a man; 2357 Woman and man voices, ID. Good reception with slight interference by WBCQ-6 on 9330kHz, in portuguese, 44544.
** 9925. Dec 1st, 2019. 1843-1853, Radio Pilipinas, Tinang-PHL, in Tagalog. Man talks; ID; 1844 Woman talks and a conversation with your friend announcer. Fair reception with moderate fades, 35433.Parallel logs on 12120kHz, 34433 with interference by RTTY transmission; 15190kHz, out.

** 6195. Dec 1st, 2019. 0903-0929, NHK World Japan, Furman-SC, in Portuguese. Man and woman announcers present a NHK Newsletter; 0910 Program "Ponto de Encontro": dedicated to the listeners - history and culture; 0922 A japanese melody; Listener´s correspondence; ID. Good reception, 45544.
** 8764-USB. Nov 30, 2019. 2326-2337, NMN USCG Chesapeake, Chesapeake-CA, in English. Man announcer says, in english, meteorological time conditions, presumably, and says a lot of numbers; 2337 Abrupt ends. Fair reception here, 35553.
** 9330. Nov 30, 2019. 2307-2320, WBCQ-6 World´s Last Chance Radio, Monticello-ME, in Portuguese. Man and woman announcers in conversation about christian themes: questions and answers and a pause dedicated to ID and website of WLCR. Good reception this night here, 45544.
** 12808-USB. Nov 30, 2019. 2253-2300, KPH Point Reyes, Point Reyes-CA. CW-RTTY transmission arrives very poor here in my area, 25522.

JRX_Jose Ronaldo Xavier
SWARL Callsign PR7036SWL
Cabedelo, Brazil (UTC-3)

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