Hard-Core-DX.com: Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Tuesday, December 03 2019

USA 9330 even kHz, WBCQ #6 in some fq databases scheduled as Spanish
language at 09 - 13/14 UT, noted after 10 UT (forgot the exact time) in
Spanish on remote SDR rx at Cape Canaveral FL state, S=8-9 fluttery signal,
not much strong.

BUT: annoying noticeable whistle buzzy tone of nearby UTE digital data
station centered at 9327.820 kHz

Similar data stations contain in Klingenfuss UTE / ITU database list as
x.800 Hertz NATO? like format on 9301.8 9322.8 9336.8 9343.8 kHz.

73 wb df5sx

ALBANIA/CHINA on Dec 3: noted again CRI Bulgarian 11-12 UT on compensation
15180 kHz channel (instead ob regular 7220 kHz from Cerrik Albania relay

On Cerrik schedule also missed CRI Serbian 12-13 UT on 7345* kHz, and
English 11-13 UT 13665 kHz.

The 'kiwi option TDoA' drove the user crazy ! -- many tries put always 15180
kHz direction finding approximate to eastern Romania or Grigoriopol Moldova
site location, never to Kashgar western China G.C.

Contrast, similar signals of CRI: CRI Czech 15225 and CNR1 heavy Jamming
15745 kHz against RFA Tibetan

put real to western China locations today also ...

... all this makes the user crazy...