Hard-Core-DX.com: A few kSDR logs today (non blogged )

A few kSDR logs today (non blogged )

Wednesday, December 04 2019

1/12 only non log with PL380 in bed!

1467? Heard hindi songs quite finetuning theantenna left and right to get the local noise from reception Time unnoticedaround 2340 as I was in the bed.

And some logs of 2/12 in between big talking hurdlesthat made my Dx day in disastrous condition!!! I have throat problems and remain home…

801 vs  6270 have around 15-20  seconds difference in thePakistan SDR . While the 6Mhz signal is fair (S10/5QRN) the 801 is poor S5/3 at1325 today 2-12

9865 Vid Bharati with good signal in Pai kSDR  (Multan)

585 R Pakistan with  news in English on 1302 (or 1202?) Nice tohear the well known voice of the past in the news

981 AIR ?? 1350 is the only with some songs  in the band even if it semi trad of back of 70 s All others heard with talks .

5010 Trivandrum while scanning as heard in the pakiSdr on around 1400

IN Colombo with S9+20 but poor audio and buzzerfrom the radio system

Also in Colombo AIR on 4800 Hyderabad S10,and4810 with Signal S7-9 over and on 4920 in seems-tamil language (=Chennai )at S20 Timesafter 1410


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