Hard-Core-DX.com: Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations

Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations

Friday, December 06 2019

CUBA/OMAN Dec 5 - UT_afternoon log of Cuban radio outlets.

5025 kHz Radio Rebelde from Bauta site noted on Dec 5 at 13.10 UT,
S=8 on remote SDR rx at Massachusetts US eastern coast state, female
locutora. And in remote Cape Canaveral SDR rx site S=9+25dB level.

5999.994 kHz RHC Spanish service. Bad OVER - MODULATED - strong carrier,
S=9+35dB at Massachusetts US eastern coast state.
12 kHz wideband at 12.40 UT on Thursday Dec 5.
250 kW TX #5 at Quivican San Felipe TITAN relay site.

6100 even RHC Bauta transmission, noted nice 'well' modulation quality,
Spanish sce, S=9+25dB at 12.45 UT on Dec 5.

7340.005 kHz (ex 9640 kHz in A-19) RHC Spanish via Bejucal site,
not strong modulated though S=9+15dB signal, at 12.50 UT on Dec 5.

9535.002 kHz RHC Spanish via Bejucal performed with nice modulation,
S=8 level at 12.51 UT on Dec 5 on remote SDR rx at Massachusetts
US eastern coast state installation.

11760 even RHC Bauta in Spanish at 12.53 UT on Dec 5. S=9+20dB signal in
Massachusetts US eastern coast state remote SDR rx. 13 kHz wideband audio.

13740 even RHC Bejucal S=8-9 excellent audio on 22 meterband this
Thursday Dec 5 at 13.00 UT. Female locutora at 13.02 UT news read.

15140 even RHC Bauta in Spanish at 13.04 UT in Massachusetts US eastern
coast state. Towards Buenos Aires Argentina SoAmerica azimuth.
Same signal level S=8-9 of two stn MIXTURE today, like
co-ch Radio Sultanate Oman Thumrait in Arabic lang, which irregularly
used 15140 kHz today instead of scheduled 15145 kHz (1025-1310 UT ?).

like 15230 kHz RHC QUIvican San Felipe TITAN site TX #4 towards
San Francisco NoAM.

15230 even RHC QUI in Spanish, no proper audio only carrier at 13.06 UT,
backlobe signal of S=7-8 noted in remote SDR rx in Massachusetts USA.
Then checked at remote Kiwi SDR rx at Trinidad,
15140 kHz signal was stronger than backlobe CA direction outlet 15230 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)