Hard-Core-DX.com: Checked the Koreans and and some non-around, 07.33 - 11.27 UT on Dec 7 at remote SDR rxs in Hiroshima, Gifu and north of

Checked the Koreans and and some non-around, 07.33 - 11.27 UT on Dec 7 at remote SDR rxs in Hiroshima, Gifu and north of

Sunday, December 08 2019

Checked the Koreans and and some non-around, 07.33 - 11.27 UT and at
16.50 UT, on Dec 7;
at remote SDR rxs in Hiroshima, Gifu and north of Tokyo Japan:

2850even KRE KCBS Pyongyang S=9+30dB, 07.33 UT, 10.6 kHz wideband audio.
Checked on remote Hiroshima SDR rx this Dec 7.
3219.921 much odd fq of KCBS Hamnung site, 2850 kHz nice mx,
choir performance, S=9+15dB in Japan. 07.35 UT on Dec 7th.
3260 kHz UNIDENTIFIED S=7 txion, distorted audio, not spurious, rather
hx, but nothing received so far on mediumwave 1630 kHz, 07.38 UT
3319.995 KRE Pyongyang BS Korean, S=9+25dB powerhouse at 07.43 UT,
16 kHz wideband audio signal. nice light mx / singer program.
3325even UNIDentified JBA threshold level signal at 10.00 UT on Dec 7,
S=4-5 poor, no trace of any content item.
3359.931 USUAL UNKNOWN UTE ? program ? S=4-5 at 10.05 UT.

3449.987 and stronger 3449.962 kHz, two spurs of nearby 3475 kHz:
3474.988 KOR ex3485 kHz Voice of People from Kyonggi-do at 10.10 UT
20 kHz broad wideband signal, S=9+25dB, but
3474.995 KOR Voice of People from Kyonggi-do at 15.41 UT and
underneath poor bubble-ditter sound jamming heard.

3560 kHz No DRM mode data block seen from Kujang - KRE at 10.11 UT.

3904.965 KOR ex 3915 VoP Korean program from Kyonggi-do site,
and KRE ditter-bubble jammer underneath, 20 kHz wide signal
S=9+30 powerhouse at 10.16 UT on Dec 7.
3925even JPN R Nikkei 1, Jpn at S=9 strength, 10.20 UT.
3930 KOR VoP Korean from Kyonggi-do site poor underneath at 10.22 UT,
super strong scratch audio sound signal jamming S=9+20dB
ahead from KRE. 11 kHz wide jamming signal today Dec 7.

Nothing heard on empty channel 3945 kHz today Dec 7.

3985.013 KOR EoH Korean px, S=9+35dB powerhouse at 10.26 UT,
3990.003 CHN PBS Gannan, Xinjiang, Hezuo Gansu site, Tibetan? program
S=6-7 at 10.28 UT.

4450even KOR VoP program heard at S=9+40dB powerful at 10.31 UT,
and co-channel
4449.974 kHz KRE 10.32 UT, similar S=9+25dB sirene jammer from D.P.R.
up to 50 kHz wide. and FOLLOWING similar jamming on
4557even KRE S=9+40dB powerhouse jammer at 10.35 UT on Dec 7,
BUT AGAINST WHOM ? NO South Korean program on air !
4749.990 CHN CNR1 Hailar, Chinese, S=7-8 fair at 10.36 UT on Dec 7.
Hiroshima Japan remote SDR rx.

5995.028 KOR EoH/VoP px at S=9+5dB level, scratch sound noise jamming,
from KRE latter NOT STRONG at 10.41 UT on Dec 7.
6015even KRE power of S=9+10dB jamming, nothing of KBS Hwaseong KOR
programs noted at 10.44 UT. 10 kHz wideband jamming block.
6030 kHz CHN 10 kHz wideband DRM mode Beijing block visible, 10.45 UT.
6044.978 KRE ONLY KRE JAMMING here, S=9+10dB, 10 kHz wideband signal,
not heard of VoFreedom KOR station px. 10.46 UT.
6070even KRE VoKorea Kanggye site, Japanese sce, not strong 10.47 UT.
6100even KRE KCBS Pyongyang, only S=8 strength in nearby Hiroshima-JPN.
At 10.51 UT on Dec 7.
6169.984 KRE VoKorea / KCBS Korean program S=9+15dB in Hiroshima JPN,
10.52 UT from Kujang site. Shrill audio Army ladies chorus px
6185even KRE VoKorea French sce program S=9+20dB in Hiroshima JPN,
11.10 UT from Kujang site.
6249.997 KRE NOT STRONG KRE jamming at S=8-9 at 11.11 UT on Dec 7.
KOR EoH/VoP program underneath in remote SDR rx
in Hiroshima JPN.

6350.003 KOR/KRE both S=9+20dB equal signal level. 11.13 UT on Dec 7.
12 kHz wideband audio signal.
6400.005 KRE PBS Pyongyang BS, S=9 only at 11.15 UT. But also jamming

intermodulation mix up on D.P.R. site from their jamming
activities on other channels in the bands against South KOR.
6519.970 KOR/KRE VoP and severe JAMMING from KRE at 11.19 UT on Dec 7.
6599.993 KOR/KRE ex6595 kHz, VoP, and KRE jamming of both S=7-8 equal
signal level. Noted in Tokyo JPN remote SDR rx at 16.50 UT.
7220.005 KRE Voice of Korea in Chinese from Kujang, 11.00-11.57 UT
S=9+15dB at 11.22 UT on Dec 7.
7579.994 KRE Voice of Korea in Japanese ? from Kujang, 11.24 UT S=8
9099.993 KOR EoH/VoH from Seoul, S=5 poor signal in skip zone
at 11.28 UT on Dec 7.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)