Hard-Core-DX.com: Voice of Vietnam 9730 kHz spurs and other

Voice of Vietnam 9730 kHz spurs and other

Thursday, December 19 2019

Their 8 kHz spur fqs like 'garden fence' not observed in 23-24 UT Dec 17
time slot, when checked remote SDR rxs in Qatar, India, Brisbane Australia
and Hiroshima / Tokyo Japan.

VIETNAM 9839.771 VoVietnam Son Tay S=8 in Hiroshima remote rx.
177degr azimuth straight southwards to South East Asia target.
23.05 UT on Dec 17. Only S=7 signal in Japan.

12018.709 VoVietnam Son Tay, S=7-8 sidelobe into Tokyo Japan remote SDR rx.
At 23.35 UT on Dec 17.

9634.941 VoVietnam home sce relay from Son Tay bcast center in Vietnamese
language at 23.49 UT on Dec 17, S=8-9 sidelobe into remote SDR in Japan.

KOREA D.P.R. 11634.997 VoKorea Kujang Korean KCBS program, S=7 in Japan,

12014.992 kHz S=6-7 at 23.26 UT on Dec 17.
On both channels some INTERMODULATION signals mixture at Kujang site,
heard terrible underneath/mix. Also 'scratch jamming sound' heard badly.

11680even VoKorea KCBS Pyongyang Kanggye, mx program, S=6 at 23.22 UT,
INTERMODULATION signals mixture heard terrible underneath/mix.
Also 'scratch jamming sound' noted.

Like at RadioCuba and/or Emirler Turkey,
something is also bad faulty on these bcast centers, and Kujang / Kanggye
in KRE D.P.R. Korea North.

MALAYSIA 11665 even fq channel. Likely RTM Wai / Limbang FM program
acc Aoki Nagoya JPN database. Malaysian BM program noted, S=8 signal in JPN,
well modulated sound at 23.16 UT on Dec 17.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 17)