Hard-Core-DX.com: Wolfgang Bueschel: log on Jan 13

Wolfgang Bueschel: log on Jan 13

Monday, January 13 2020

more morning SW logs of Jan 13,
taken in remote SDR rx in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Kuwait
and Doha Qatar too.

6005 MDC Madagascar R Tamazuj /
6015 DOL TZA Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation from Dole Zanzibar
see below.

5910even CUB CRI Cantonese via China Latin American relay
at Quivican San Felipe Titan site of RadioCuba. S=9 in CeEUR
and Liverpool U.K. remote SDR.
At 04.35 UT Nice QUI audio this morning.
5950even ETH minus 1 single Hertz though, S=9+10dB in CeEUR, 04.40 UT.
RDT Voice of Tigray Revolution from Gedja site.
5959.882 KWT usual odd fq transmission from R Kuwait Kabd, Arabic
HQ morning prayer at 04.43 UT, S=9+20dB heard in CeEUR.
5999.995 CUB RHC odd fq at Quivican San Felipe Titan site of
RadioCuba, Spanish singer program, 04.45 UT on Jan 13.
S=9+5dB No_AMerican not as strong usual - this morning.
6015even TZA Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation from Dole Zanzibar
island, 04.46 UT Jan 13; S=8 or -78dBm at fade-out path time
6045.003 D__ AWR French program to all-Africa via MBR Nauen Germany
relay, S=9+20dB at peak on remote Perseus in Switzerland.
04.49 UT on Jan 13.
6060even F__ RTA HQ Arabic morning prayer via TDF Issoudun relay site
but annoying some like bubble feed signal underneath.
S=9 in short skip zone in CeEUR, 04.50 UT Jan 13.
6090.004 ETH The Ethiopians are strong performed here in central
Europe on Jan 13, Radio Amhara Gedja S=9+5dB at 04.51 UT.
6110.002 ETH R Fana tentat. S=9+10dB too, see 5950 and 6090 kHz too,
excellent HoA music program heard. 04.52 UT on Jan 13.
6125.006 TUR TRT Voice of Turkey English px from Emirler, Turkish
folk music program, S=9+15dB at 04.53 UT.
6135.164 BRA Probably R Aparecida SP, S=8 strength in ceEUR, 04.54 UT
6185.003 MEX Very poor under threshold JBA signal S=4 or -103dBm
here in ceEUR at 04.57 UT, most probably R Educacion from
Mexico D.F. in Latin North America.
Bad propagation this morning on North America - Europe path.
7360even F__ MOST PROBABLY Kurdish Radio Denge Welat 03.30-05.59 UT
morning sce (ex9525 kHz), nice Near East mx program, 05.05 UT
via TDF Issoudun(?), S=9+25dB in SDR rx remote Kuwait unit.
7380.002 IRN 'Al-Quds' Palestine Arabic sce from IRIB Zahedan site,
noted in remote Kuwait Kiwi-SDR_RX at 05.10 UT on Jan 13,
S=8-9 fluttery in skip zone.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 13)