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SWL Monitoring Report

Sunday, January 19 2020


Tnx for your reports. A few comments: could you include the transmitter site countries? 5900 is Bulgaria, 5980 Austria.

4885, at that hour another Brazilian would be far more likely than from Korea in the daytime there. Radio Clube do Para dominates, but there is another one too.

73, Glenn Hauser

On Sunday, January 19, 2020, 3:14:34 PM GMT, Rich Levenson <lrqaman@gmail.com> wrote:

The following report is for 19 January, 2020

Report from: Rich Levenson
E-mail: lrqaman@gmail.com
Location: Monroe Township, NJ
Radios: ICOM R9500, Expert Electronics MB1 (SDR)
Antennas: 6-80 M Vertical, Coax Gutter/Downspout, Attic Discone

Radiodifusora Roaima (Brazil) on 4875.2 @ 0144 UTC. male speaker in
Portuguese @ 0148 UTC. Music @ 0149 UTC then back to male speaker @ 0152
UTC. Signal S5-S6 (R. Levenson - NJ)

CLA Echo of Hope VOH on 4885 @ 0155 UTC. Male singer in Korean @ 0158.
Signal S7-S9. (R. Levenson - NJ)

G Bible Voice Dardasha 7 on 5900 @ 0209 UTC with male speaker and music in
background. Arabic language. Signal S9. (R. Levenson - NJ)

Radio Romania International on 5910 @ 0215 UTC. Romanian language.
Classical music of Romanian origin being played. Signal S9. (R. Levenson -

USA Adventist World Radio on 5980 @ 0223 UTC. Male speaker in Urdu
(garbled) with music in background 0228 UTC. Choral type singing @ 0229
UTC. Afghanistan is target area. Signal S9. (R. Levenson - NJ)

HCJB Voice of Andes on 6050 @ 0232 UTC in Spanish with music of country
being played. Signal S6-S7. Beamed to South America. (R. Levenson - NJ)


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