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SWL Monitoring Report

Sunday, January 19 2020

The following report is for 19 January, 2020

Report from: Rich Levenson
E-mail: lrqaman@gmail.com
Location: Monroe Township, NJ
Radios: ICOM R9500, Expert Electronics MB1 (SDR)
Antennas: 6-80 M Vertical, Coax Gutter/Downspout, Attic Discone

Radiodifusora Roaima (Brazil) on 4875.2 @ 0144 UTC. male speaker in
Portuguese @ 0148 UTC. Music @ 0149 UTC then back to male speaker @ 0152
UTC. Signal S5-S6 (R. Levenson - NJ)

CLA Echo of Hope VOH on 4885 @ 0155 UTC. Male singer in Korean @ 0158.
Signal S7-S9. (R. Levenson - NJ)

G Bible Voice Dardasha 7 on 5900 @ 0209 UTC with male speaker and music in
background. Arabic language. Signal S9. (R. Levenson - NJ)

Radio Romania International on 5910 @ 0215 UTC. Romanian language.
Classical music of Romanian origin being played. Signal S9. (R. Levenson -

USA Adventist World Radio on 5980 @ 0223 UTC. Male speaker in Urdu
(garbled) with music in background 0228 UTC. Choral type singing @ 0229
UTC. Afghanistan is target area. Signal S9. (R. Levenson - NJ)

HCJB Voice of Andes on 6050 @ 0232 UTC in Spanish with music of country
being played. Signal S6-S7. Beamed to South America. (R. Levenson - NJ)

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