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Aeronautical / Volmet Monitoring

Monday, January 20 2020

The following report is for 20 January, 2020

Report from: Rich Levenson
E-mail: lrqaman@gmail.com
Location: Monroe Township, NJ
Radios: ICOM R9500, Expert Electronics MB1 (SDR)
Antennas: 6-80 M Vertical, Coax Gutter/Downspout, Attic Discone

My major passion is aeronautical flight monitoring as well as VOLMETs
(meteorological weather information for airmen). Accordingly, I have even
developed an electronic map with color-coded LEDs to track international
flights that I monitor on shortwave. Check out my QRZ page for W2FKN that
will give you an idea how seriously I follow flights and weather. The terms
of TAF, METAR, SIGMET, and AIRMET are used depending upon the weather
conditions. Find these terms on GOOGLE, etc.

Shannon Volmet on 3413 @ 0010 UTC (USB - Upper Sideband) giving
meteorological information for London Heathrow, Dublin, Ireland and
Shannon, Ireland at the time of listening. Weather terms are typically in
the British system, but may also have a US component. Signal S9. (R.
Levenson - NJ)

Gander, NFLD Volmet on 6604 @ 0013 UTC (USB). Report for Toronto and Ottawa
weather conditions as noted for a specific time period. Signal S9. (R.
Levenson - NJ)

Gander, NFLD Volmet on 3485 @ 0055 UTC (USB). Signal S9. Report for
another series of locations

RAF (Royal Airforce) Volmet on 5450 (USB) at 0021 UTC. Computer generated
female voice with a perfect British accent. Detailed information for
numerous locations. Signal S9. (R. Levenson)

I can offer reports on flights I listen to with regards to positions,
requests for altitude changes, deviations for weather, and sometimes other
significant issues. I used to decode ACARS, but that's another story.

Happy listening to all - 73, Rich W2FKN

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