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Aeronautical / Unknown Monitoring

Wednesday, January 22 2020

The following report is for 21 January, 2020

Report from: Rich Levenson
E-mail: lrqaman@gmail.com
Location: Monroe Township, NJ (Grid Square - FN20si)
Radios: ICOM R9500, Expert Electronics MB1 (SDR)
Antennas: 6-80 M Vertical, Coax Gutter/Downspout, Attic Discone

Santa Maria Radio (Azores 36.98N Lat / 25.11W Long.) on 5598-USB (shared
frequency with NY Radio as an LDOC). Time of 2326 UTC an Air Portugal
Flight 1865 calling in for its position report and SELCAL check. An
Aeroflot flight called in at 2331 UTC, but with poor copy. Told to switch
to freq. 3016 (USB). At 2332 copied this flight on 3016 (USB). Signal of

New York Radio (LDOC) on 6586 (USB) @ 2334 UTC - Jet Blue Flight 637 for a
positive SELCAL check. NY Radio runs 1 KW and is at 74.23.27 W Long /
39.43.05 N Lat. Signal of S7.

Unknown beep beep on 5539.5 (USB) @ 2341 UTC. Cycle of 2 beeps with 3-4
second pause followed by a single beep. This continued relatively
unchanged. Signal of S4 - S5. Any previous reports?

Shannon Volmet on 5505 (USB) @ 2345 UTC. Runs 5 KW location of 8.55.37 W
Long. / 52.44.40 N Lat. Weather given for Oslo, Norway and Zurich,
Switzerland. Female voice. Signal of S7 - S9.

Happy listening to all - 73, Rich W2FKN

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