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DX TIP: KCFJ-AM 570 Alturas, CA

Friday, February 14 2020

The station had apparently at one point run China Radio International and a
website indicates it ran talk programming at some point, which is what
several online directories still list it as. However, I have logged it for
the first time here in Laramie, WY twice in the last week and it's running
none of that

KCFJ is running the Westwood One Radio Network satellite fed "America's
Best Music" format. The best way to describe it is soft adult oldies...some
lighter softer oldies, not adult standards and some newer softer music
along with newer artists doing older music. You'll hear two voices on the
station, a female voice.. that is what comes from the network. She sounds a
bit older and slightly classy and laidback. Often times, the network will
fire their end of the liner but the local liner that should play from the
station doesn't What you will hear sometimes is a male voice that makes
some reference to "reaching out to you" and specifically mentions KCFJ...
or "ever wonder where all the good music has gone.... you've found KCFJ AM

KCFJ DOES havecommercial breaks and they'll often be a combination of
national/regional/statewide spots with some locals mixed in.. I heard a
spot for True Value of Alturas voiced by an older man.

I worked as program director for a station that ran the same format so I am
familiar with it. The "America's Best Music" format has no DJ's

*I thought this might be useful to someone who may log something and have
no clue what they'r hearing.*

Paul Walker
Laramie, WY
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