Hard-Core-DX.com: JRX Logs March 17-24, 2020

JRX Logs March 17-24, 2020

Thursday, March 26 2020

JRX Logs_ March 17-24, 2020Receiver (s)_ XHDATA D-808Antenna (s)_ Mini Loop to SW

ASCENSION ISLAND** 17745. Mar 24, 2020. 1746-1756, BBC, Ascension Island-ASC, in Amharic. Man and woman announcers present a english class; ID and website; 1750 Man talks news; Woman talks, ID. Good reception.
AUSTRIA** 11800. Mar 24, 2020. 1720-1729, Adventist World Radio, Moosbrunn-AUT, in Swahili. Man preaching; 1722 ID by woman voice; 1723 Man talks and a hymn by chorus; 1729 Ends programming. Good reception.
BOTSWANA** 13630. Mar 23, 2020. 1710-1720, Voice of America, Selebi-Phikwe-BOT, in Portuguese. Man announcer and external reporters present news; 1719 Woman talks, ID. Fair reception.** 15580. Mar 23, 2020. 1723-1730, Voice of America, Selebi-Phikwe-BOT, in Amharic. Man talks; 1729 A brief song, ID and ends programming. Very poor reception with fading.
CHINA** 7205. Mar 22, 2020. 0106-0116, PBS Xinjiang, Urumqi-Changji-CHN, in Uyghur. Man and woman talks during this log. Fair reception with fading.** 7220. Mar 22, 2020. 0117-0125, China National Radio 2-China Business Radio, Golmud-Qinghai-CHN, in Chinese. Man and woman talk without interval. Poor reception.** 7240. Mar 22, 2020. 0125-0137, PBS Xizang, Lhasa-Tibet-CHN, in Chinese. Man and woman talk; 0136 Man and woman voices with music background. Fair reception.** 7520. Mar 22, 2020. 2001-2010, China National Radio 1-Voice of China, xx-CHN. Jammer/Firedrake transmission: Very treble musical audio with drums and violins. Good reception.
CLANDESTINE** 15285. Mar 24, 2020. 1648-1659, Manara Radio International, Issoudun-F, in Hausa. Men voices; 1652 man talks news, presumed; ID sometimes; Conversation, by phone, with a man. Very good reception.
CUBA** 5040. Mar 20, 2020. 0456-0510, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in Spanish. ID and sked of RHC in spanish; "Revista Informativa desde Habana"- variety news, including about the Coronavirus; ID. Fair reception.** 6145. Mar 20, 2020. 0444-0454, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in English. Woman announcer talks; 0450 Man talks, ID and next, woman voice returns. Fair to good reception.** 11530. Mar 24, 2020. 1701-1710, Cuban Spy Numbers-HM01, xx-CUB (Bejucal relay, probably) in Spanish. Numbers Station where the female announcer says a serial of five numbers at a time, with a brief interval between the dictions, in spanish language.Fair reception.** 11880. Mar 19, 2020. 2230-2300, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in Portuguese. IS, ID, website and RHC e-mail; Date to remember; news Service by man announcer; 2245 Climate changes and global warming, by female announcer; 2248 Man talks about the immigration, USA borders and the deportations; 2255 A song and the ends of the programming. Good reception.** 15140. Mar 19, 2020. 1948-1958, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in English. Woman talks news; Man talks at 1951, ID; Returns news by man and woman announcers; ID and website. Fair reception.** 15140. Mar 19, 2020. 2011-2022, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in French. Man talks news; ID at 2016; A audio recorded by dead Fidel; Sport news by man voice at 2018; 2020 A cuban song. Fair to good reception.** 15140. Mar 21, 2020. 1844-1854, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in Creole. Man talks; 1847 Woman talks about the cuban socialism. Fair reception.** 15370. Mar 19, 2020. 2000-2010, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in Portuguese. IS, ID, website and  RHC e-mail; Date to Remember; Update news of the day. Fair to poor reception.** 15370. Mar 19, 2020. 2046-2058, Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta-CUB, in Arabic. Man talks; 2048 Woman says ID and returns man voice; 2052 A brief song and woman talks. Poor reception.
FRANCE** 9785. Mar 19, 2020. 1832-1847, Deutsche Welle, Issoudun-F, in Hausa. Man announcer interviews a Coronavirus specialist; 1835 A brief song and returns interview, now with a female participation, too. Fair reception.** 11945. Mar 23, 2020. 1745-1755, NHK World Japan, Issoudun-F, in Japanese. A song; 1747 Woman talks and a song. Fair reception.** 13775. Mar 24, 2020. 1627-1637, Deutsche Welle, Issoudun-F, in Amharic. Woman and man voices; 1634 A song. Fair reception and fading.** 15300. Mar 24, 2020. 1638-1648, Radio France International, Issoudun-F, in Hausa. Man talks news; 1640 ID and news by woman announcer, mainly about Nigeria; Man talks about Coronavirus. Very good reception.
GREAT BRITAIN** 7300. Mar 19, 2020. 2100-2114, HCJB-Radio Akhbar Mufriha, Woofferton-G, in Tachelhit. ID; Man pastor begins the sermon;  A song at 2108; 2110 ID and POBox to Málaga-E, among other addresses; 2113 Man repeats ID and addresses; 2114 Ends programming. Fair to good reception.** 7445. Mar 22, 2020. 0203-0213, BBC, Woofferton-G, in Pashto. Man and woman announcers talk news, presumed. Fair reception.
MADAGASCAR** 7445. Mar 22, 2020. 1935-1945, BBC, Talata-Volonondry-MDG, in English. Man talks news during all log. Fair reception.** 11720. Mar 24, 2020. 1711-1720, Adventist World Radio, Talata-Volonondry-MDG, in Swahili. Man talks, preaching, during this log. Fair reception.
NIGERIA** 11770. Mar 19, 2020. 2023-2045, Voice of Nigeria, Abuja-NIG, in Hausa. Man talking; 2025-2033 Open carrier, dead modulation; 2033 Returns programming, now with The Qur´an chant and recitation, in arabic language. Very good reception before 2033 and fair reception after 2033!
SÃO TOMÉ E PRÍNCIPE** 15460. Mar 23, 2020. 1734-1744, Voice of America, Pinheira-STP, in Zimbabwean languages. Woman and man announcers talk news, presumably; 1740 ID and woman talks. Poor reception with fading..
SPAIN** 11685. Mar 19, 2020. 1843-1910, Radio Exterior de España, Noblejas-E, in Spanish. Man announcer talks about the Coronavirus desease; Inteview with a woman specialist; 1859 ID; 1900 News; 1905 Returns conversation and all about Coronavirus in Spain and in the World. Good reception.Parallel logs on 9690, poor reception; 12030, fair reception; 11940, excellent reception.
SRI LANKA** 11835. Mar 24, 2020. 1730-1742, Sri Lanka BC-Thendral FM, Trincomalee-CLN, in Tamil. Man announcer talks and songs; ID. Fair to good reception.
SUDAN** 9505. Mar 19, 2020. 1806-1819, Voice of Africa, Al-Aitahab-SDN, in Hausa. Man talks; A song; 1815 Man talks and other song. Fair reception.
THAILAND** 7445. Mar 22, 2020. 1946-1956, Radio Thailand, Udon-Thani-THA, in English. Man announcer presents a musical program: He talks before the songs; 1959 IS, ID and repeats. Very good reception.** 7585. Mar 22, 2020. 2015-2030, Radio Farda, Udon-Thani-THA,in Farsi. A song; Man and woman announcers present a musical program and talks before each song and ID too. Very good reception.
TURKEY** 7280. Mar 19, 2020. 0220-0255, Voice of Turkey, Emirler-TUR, in Spanish. Woman announcer presenting El Buzón program: DX news and reception reports; 0228 Program Turquía, destino ideal para turistas; A turkish song; 0240 ID in various languages; 0244 Returns songs; 0254 ID, ends at 0255.Very good reception.
USA** 5800. Mar 17, 2020. 0102-0129, WRMI-Radio Taiwan International, Okeechobee-FL, in Spanish. Man announcer says about RTI frequency tests; 0105 "Informativo RTI": All news, including about Coronavirus; 0112 RTI´s jingle and next, a program "Taiwan 360°" by female announcer; 0124 A song; 0128 Man and woman voices say ID and all addresses; 0129 IS. Fair to good reception.** 5800. Mar 18, 2020. 0116-0129, WRMI-Radio Taiwan International, Okeechobee-FL, in Spanish. Man and woman present a chinese class in "Chinolandia"; 0126 ID and addresses; 0128 Ends. Good reception.** 5800. Mar 18, 2020. 0130-0159, WRMI-Radio Tirana, Okeechobee-FL, in English. IS; ID; News; 0132 A musical program with beautiful albanian songs; 0158 Ends: A piece of the National Anthem and a ID. Good reception.** 5800. Mar 18, 2020. 0200-0210, WRMI-Radio Taiwan International, Okeechobee-FL, in Spanish. IS, ID; Female announcer talks news. RTI frequency test out of the previous sked tests. Fair to good reception.Parallel log on 5010, via Okeechobee, poor reception.** 5800. Mar 19, 2020. 0107-0129, WRMI-Radio Taiwan International, Okeechobee-FL, in Spanish. RTI frequency test. Woman and man voices; 0115 "Chinolandia": A chinese class by woman and male announcers; 0127 Ends: Man and woman voices, ID and all RTI addresses, till 0129. Good reception.** 5800. Mar 19, 2020. 0200-0220, WRMI-Radio Taiwan International, Okeechobee-FL, in Spanish. RTI frequency test. IS, ID; Woman announcer talks and comments about the collagen protein and its importance for human life; 0211 Invitation listeners to sent a reception reports; 0213 A chinese class in Chinolandia program. Good reception. Parallel logs on 5010, fair reception; 7780, barely audible reception.** 7305. Mar 22, 2020. 0138-0200, Vatican Radio, Greenville-NC, in Spanish. Man announcer talks news about Vatican State and the Catholic Church; Woman talks, ID; 0145 Summary news by woman announcer. Very good reception.** 17655. Mar 19, 2020. 1820-1830, Voice of America, Greenville-NC, in Portuguese. Mrs Ana Guedes interviews Dra Graça about Coronavirus and preventive measures, mainly a personal hygiene; 1824 Mr João Santa Cruz presents news about Coronavirus in the African Continent; A "country" song; 1830 Ends.
VATICAN** 9705. Mar 23, 2020. 1801-1810, Vatican Radio, SM di Galeria-CVA, in Portuguese. Man and woman talk news. Poor to barely audible reception.
ZAMBIA** 5915. Mar 20, 2020. 0433-0443, Zambia NBC-Radio 1, Lusaka-ZMB, in Vernacular language. Man announcer talks; A conversation with a woman. Poor reception.

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