Hard-Core-DX.com: Bandscan logs 18-3-2020 plus new from GR

Bandscan logs 18-3-2020 plus new from GR

Thursday, March 26 2020

25/3 is the one national day with the liberation from Ottoman empire and also te annunciation of Lord. The case of the corona virus made the churches work without the public but were aired via one  national TV channel and from a local TV channel .Also the traditional military parade if the day was not feasible. The regular newsletter ob 1800 shown 821 affected with 22 dead For full coverage https://bit.ly/3dARbI6


6520 VoP 1716 with-85dbm over a NK jammer A comparative checkwith 6600 shows different fading patterns 1721 mentioning Ecuador
6545U talks by OM in Russian 1717 Also another  6568 calling Ashur 1720
9250 buzzer still on in this frequency 1148 New check 1711z -83dbm vs -85sbm between 4625 and 9250 respectively Surely the harmonic is too high if it is really harmonic In the photo is shown together with CODAR on the 9MHz only

9275-9315 a nearly marginal codar stream 1148  !
9420 Xinjiang PBS in the line 1156 with an motto announcement told by several people -85dbm
9630  #1158 with modulation airing a Chinese song , mixed with another Chinese station ! ID in Kazakh with a gong then announcement in between anthem -85dbm
9680 CNR 1109  news n Chinese New log in 1138 with man talking -89dbm
9685 CRI 1158 also . 1200 with program in Russian QRMs 9680 with a 10+khzwide signal
9695 SLBC 1128 with interesting nonBolly Indian song (its not Tamil ) 1131 short talks by OM – unclear for which lang- then back to Sinhala song -95 dbm max
9705 PBS Xinjiang 1110 talks in Kyrgyz  mixed with short music intervals  , a pop song then Y L talking -96dbm
9775 CNR2 1141 man with talks Adverts on 1142 -87dbm max
9840 TRT 1144 with dancing Turkish songs  -63dbm signal ,9 kHZ wide
11291 1237 operator using English mentioning 9L Sporadic transmission
11297  and 11253 Murmansk and Shannon Volmet 1220 both in use Shannon has QSB of -9-85 to -110dbm . Murmansk stopped on 1230. IN the photo  you also see the carrier fence on the 10.5-12 MHz band part
[picture ]

11318 1231  Volmet? YL with announcements in Russian -102dbm  
11875  Reach Beyond  1252 hindi type religious song -70 dbm
12065 BBC via Oman  1256 the man’s voice seem a s as the pastor of TOM signal is however quite poor -90dbm max
12095 FEBC in Hmong 1255 with religious talks -75dbm


Zacharias LiangasRSP1a  with Console & Uno &2x16 m antena
Icom  R75 /PL380 /  De1103  radios
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