Hard-Core-DX.com: Bandscan 20/3 and yesterday's covid news

Bandscan 20/3 and yesterday's covid news

Saturday, March 28 2020

Covid19 news : 27/3  is again with  steady numbers of affected: 74 new staggering to  966 in total while total deaths are 28 Its very fortunate that the numbers raise very slow.The army started making sanitizes from confiscated alcoholic beverages for hospital use only.

15 Mhz band scan and selected picks
11530 Welat is in clear on 1159 with -48dbm signal! 10kHz wide with traditional music and anthem on ToH 1200
11645 VoK 1546 with opera song then with a lively chacha style !  Arabic  program -75dbm
11705  Tamazuj 1550 news in Afrenglish ID 1552 a policy on the a company , coronavirus news, no virus in sudan !!! -51dbm Malakash 1554 news in Arabic.
11860 Yemen 1145  mod to good signal at -65 dbm with wide audio band of 9.5kHz and Arabic songs of 70s
11885 Xinjiang 1142 PBS //9430& 9890 with talks by man mixed with music


15130 IRIB , man preaching 1030 man Ding sawtu Tehran then into headline news . There is much QRm from the nearby Kuwait in DRM mode on 15120 Signal -85dbm
15135 CRI in indo just fading on with signal just -105dbm . nothing herd except a signal trace!
15150 CNR 1034 with news in Chinese by man Signal -85dbm
15170 idling signal 1025 & 1040 at -70 dbm with strong buzzing sound Since the only as noticd in the eibi page is BSKSA I can think they forgot to switch off the transmitter! See the picture
15190 CRI towards SEA with nice pop song at 1045 with -95 dbm  in //15210 to Occ with -85dbm . Speakers Audio on 15210 is in double as like with Luxemburg effect

15225 CRI till1 1057 and again 1100 in Chech , with ID etc , a song then talk about Confucius philosophy -75dbm
15350 TRT 1110talks in Turkish -47dbm with some fading to -65 dbm talking about Germany and on oranges (? Portakal )and Indonesia and iran
15360 as per listing TRT in Tatar 1112 with signals to -75dbm mentioning possibly the spread of virus on Spain Argentina and mentioning macron
15440 CRI in Chinese 1114  seem as as man addressing -94dbm
15490 another station with idling carrier on 1115 , 95dbm signal
15585 Kontayner of 20 kHz wideband with -100 dbm
15640 RLiberty 1117 15phone in discussions with someone whos mobile has connection problems making buzzing sounds . same time a BPL Line started
15745 CRI in Chinese , YL newscaster , with external recordings .
15760 Mashaal 1122 with semi trad  song. Man talking -85dbm

17490 CRI in english with nice western song (Millary hope blossoming the dust) very good modulation 14 kHz wide and -80dbm signal > armchair reception
17830 NHK in Indo 1132 showing the Portuguese language , talks about Okinawan and Brazilian karate There are also some audio recording during the lessons !See the picture . First time finding this station in this freq

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