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KZMQ 1140 Greybull, WY

Sunday, March 29 2020

KZMQ 1140 Greybull, WY appears to be on after dark again on Saturday March
28th. Noticed this about a week ago as well, but not since. They are not
nearly as strong as you'd think 10KW would be from 250 miles away, so
either they're skipping over me or they have the 500 Watt max post sunset
I sent an email to the company last week telling them the signal was stuck
on after dark and got no answer. KGEM Boise, ID is horning it's way in
underneath the classic hits and local commercial

On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 7:45 PM Paul B. Walker, Jr. via Groups.Io
<walkerbroadcasting=gmail.com@groups.io> wrote:

> Unless they have post sunset authority I'm not aware of, 10KW Daytimer
> KZMQ 1140 Greybull WY is on the air with oldies well past dark. Sign off
> this month is 7:15pm mountain and it's 7:43pm mountain as I type this.
> They have no stream but I've heard several Good Time Oldies KZMQ liners...
> despite their website listing them as AC "Star 92.9" for 2 months
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