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QSL form Texas ..

Wednesday, May 20 2020

In 9.10hours on May 16th after the message, with a photo with grand canyon for avery detailed message with full song list as shazamed in the time of 0300-0400plus a technical report with signal and audio analysis

The head ofthe station was very enthused entitling me for the ‘award for the bestreception report’ he ever received  if therecould be feasible  !


Info onreception:

3955 on 0300 with a -72/-101N dbm signal  (S8/5)in a QRM free  but verynoisy band together with 3965 @-90dbm DRM RFI. Partially modulated signal, depthup to 30db during all the program .Many songs mentioning Texas that includes apossible anthem in the start and the end of the program 'yellow rose of Texas'as IDed by Shazam

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