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Radio 292 today

Friday, May 22 2020

7440 Radio 292airing (t) Isle of music  -german Eng program- start on 1558 and ID 1600 with clock    with -84/-130dbm peak  to-80 and fades up to 30 db , mentioning Cuba Nice Latin song on 1603 it reminds methe songs  of 70s Some QRm from BBC on7445 with -70db signal . 2x3.3kHz wide audio again nice song of the past ‘bayabaya’ on 1655 and a a song played with flute inthe start and a address on gmail . French spelling of the station name on 1658
1701 withnew program (presume  Uncle Bill )withopera songs on the 1700 and 1702 the second is quite funny hearing with funnyopera singing and talking  across theaudience!

7435 VoA  started on 1658 in Kurdish with -70dbm withquite strong QRM to 292 Best reception for 292 only in USB


Zacharias LiangasRSP1a  with Console & Uno &2x16 m antena
Icom  R75 /PL380 /  De1103  radios
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