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1026 R Thailand

Saturday, May 30 2020


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Viimeisen 10 v. olen asustanut talvisin Thaimaassa Pitsanulokin naapurikaupungissa.
Sieltähän on talvisin kuulunut 1026 kHz
Radio Thailand ainakin Lapissa.
Tuossa sattui tuollainen uutinen eilen kohdalle.


Three employees of Radio Thailand station were shot dead in Phitsanulok province on Wednesday (May 27) while one employee was seriously injured.

Police were notified of the gun attack at 10am and immediately went to the scene. They found Wim Sonsud, a mechanic, had allegedly shot dead Sanit Bootmangkul, the station director, Phumsaran Panphum, an electrician and Jirawut Sumetthepapan, a senior technician

The three died at the scene of the crime, while another victim, Proong Jandaeng, survived the shooting and was sent to a local hospital.

Wim was arrested and two guns seized while his motivation for allegedly committing the crime was being investigated.
The gunman said he actually only intended to kill the senior technician because he was threatening to have him evicted from his home. However, he said, he ended up shooting the other three because he wanted to eliminate witnesses.

He also admitted to having mental health issues due to stress.

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