Hard-Core-DX.com: Radio 208 eQSL received

Radio 208 eQSL received

Saturday, June 06 2020

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

DENMARK, 5805, Radio 208, Hvidovre, received eQSL card and mail with the
history of the station in 34 days.

Reception report sent to:

"Radio208 is a music station playing songs from the period 1964-1984.
The main focus is on classic rock, punk/new wave, alternative and
progressive music.

Radio208 commenced broadcasting on 1440 kHz on December 17th 2019 from
Ishøj, in the southern suburbs of Copenhagen. The power is 500 Watts,
and the transmitter is an old 1 kW CCA sender from 1974.

So far more than 200 reception reports have been received from DXers
from most parts of Europe; mostly from Germany (33%), Sweden (17%),
Finland (14%) and the Netherlands (7%) - but also from Italy, Denmark,
the UK, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, Ukraine,
Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland and Estonia.

The aerial for 1440 kHz is a sloping dipole 2x50 m from a height of
approx. 73 m.

Radio208 is now also broadcasting on short wave 5805 kHz (75 Watts) from
Hvidovre, Copenhagen, from May 1st 2020. An increase of power to 150
Watts is expected within the next two weeks. The aerial for 5805 kHz is
a horizontal dipole.

Radio208 can also be heard via Internet streaming from
www.radio208.dk/streaming/index.html ,
https://radio.garden/listen/radio-208/JhdGV04A ,
https://www.radio.net/s/radio208 , https://streema.com/radios/Radio208
and https://mytuner-radio.com/radio/radio208-464353/ ."

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