Hard-Core-DX.com: Monitoring report on 19+20+21

Monitoring report on 19+20+21

Sunday, June 21 2020


19/6/206270  V Iran international 2000 after a sing with ID Iran international , then talk by YL -67/120 dbm min qrm from a carier of-95 dbm
6290 Pioneer 2002  pirate with dance music -85/120dbm and around 20 db fading depth
6520 adb 6600 Vo people 2005 mixed with the N Korean jammer fort -70/115dbm signal as usual
4700 no mystery  21 this time 2007! local noisis -95dbm
4820 Xizang PBS alone in that part of the band on  2009 with -72/115dbm  Much beter in 6050 with -61/120 while on 7240 there is some qrm from both bands. Nice ezl piano music  
5140 Charleston is the standard station in this freq  the song of 2015 seems a old Greek song of that time! -75/115dbm with 15 db fadiung
5805 and 5840 just audible at -80dbm  maxses ast -10 noise level
5872 stanag on the radio band? -74dbm little qsb
6205 LHH UK with pop songs but -90 dbm signal
6650 operators discussing 2036 -100dbm
6869 also a operator QSO 2037 -86dbm
11530 Denge Welat with -47dbm signal /120 with talks in turkish Kurdish . sigla causes also some local spurs that extends to 15KHz in each sideband !

15805 WMR with latin  song 0801 and -101/-115dbm soe QRM from CW 15808 with genral call on 1734 still in the freq with afro songs but also with full band irregular splatter noise Signal is many times below this noise
7440 Atlantic 2000  in 0805+ today 20/6 with 38 years anniversary with nice signal of -84/110dbm for 7440 . The signal on 6070 is only -100/120dbm both with fading levels of 15-20 db but well curved on 7440  Some nice song sf the past that included Radioactivity from Kraftwerk on 0810. Reception for only  20 minutes due to family tasks
15275 Deutcheed welle in Amharic on 1626 with -57/110 db (37 SNR level max )
7280 VoVietnam 1710 with signal -65/110dbm max max filter to 4.8 to avoid her from 7275
9870  VIRI with program in turkish with closeup talks and mixed with 1 kHz tine that was shown with its harmonics in the spectran
9447 centre of a kontayner  stream of only 10 kHz of width -110/-120 dbm obly
6090 Amara radio 1725 with phone ins -65dbm with YL in the mike just listening
6110 Fana R 1730+ with funny horn of Africa songs There is some possible splatter frm Romania on 6100 talks in 1738 by YL mixed with bad connected cable noise !!! -67/115dbm
6661 talks with very little level in uniDable lang
6676 meteo talks poss BKK Volmet
6675 someone from katerini and piraeus in a QSO 1747
6693 talks by YL , Samara  Volmet for tat time 1749 -95dbm


6070 DARC via radio 292 at 0958 with high power -70dbm signal at itsbest Alson 7440 -98/-130  . its continueswith program while 6070 gets off !


MW and Greek pirates :
1575 phaser radio with ID on 1441
1386 Mistery grrrk on 1535 with -65dbm
1260 Edison with -74dbm and old greek songs started around 1630

Zacharias LiangasRSP1a  with Console & Uno &2x16 m antena
Icom  R75 /PL380 /  De1103  radios
https://del.icio.us/gr_greek1/ZAK (all pages)
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