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Monitoring 26-6 plus kiwi SDRs

Friday, July 03 2020

5930& 5940 Algerie with imam chanting  3.860vs 4.9 kHz x 2 for audio with and -63//-55dbm /-115 dbm

5995 that possible is Mali on 2147 but with talk in local language with-78dbm

6000 CNR in //4800 with nice c-pop  2148 possibly the highest and softest ‘western’pop in the world with -76 dbm Laos Xizang Chinese service has a 2 hours musicalprogram thartign from 2000 every day (with the signon )except Tuesday that starts90 minutes later today CNR can be sound in very numerous frequencies that fillnearly the whole SW bands

And ocne again 6230 and 6280 with CNR jamming SoH with signals up to-75dbm!

6676 Bangkok Volmet -95/115dbm  with meteo talks in English at 2040

9420 ERA at 2157 with old Greek slow rock song  Sigal is -65 over -115 dbm but the local noiseis quite hard to really kill reception as with encore on 2030 on 3955 tghat was075 over -100dbm that really killed reception>its is a classical music stationform UK . Fortunately Encore  could bealso heard in better on 6070 same time

9830 Voturkey in Spanish 2153 with talks and music clip -67/-115dbm max  

12050 CNR17 in Kazakh 0950 with mice local music and short talks -88dbmmax with 25 db fades

15290  NHK with talks inJJ withIDs and music from sôran atana traditional theme offishermen

15310 RFE Uzbek 1427 Uzbekistan a.. zalar , mentioning Qabul -89/120dbm

15450 TRT program 1242 in English with over view of Turkish press -66dbmS9+13 with 36 db S/N levels

15770 WRMI with TOM pogram 2155 with the usual priest  voice teaching and sermoning -65/-125 dbm

15805 WMR 1430 with pop music sigal is sometimes lost in the local noiseof -115dbm  Also on 20+ with signal around-105/120dbm

17490 CRI is heard today since 0900 and sporadically also on 12xx . itwas supposed that in kasha kahsgra to have a transmitter service? Signalis-100/-115dbm

17720 RFA 1222 in Tibetan There is some clipping audio during YL’s voiceaspirations. THis clipping is also herd on Uno  New program session on 1230   Signal -65dbm. SNR is 30 as noticed in the Slevel scale

17845 ERGO in Somali with thalks 1216 with -95/130dbm S/N There is someQRM splatter form 17830 Farda -70dbm

21670 R Saudi Intl 0930 with signal -90/135 dbm max and quranic psalmswity sounds of birds  with 2x4.5 kHZaudio Around 15db fadings

Now 810 on Jn 26+ 27 Skopje NM /FYROMis not heard insrtad a very poo signal from Spanishis heard

801 a Greek pirate on 2218

792 is free from the Greek pirate but in // 1233 Dechovka

1044 duffy with  Greek songs with-74/155dbm

1008 ERA with delay over 729 of 6 secs

1575 at 2238 IRIB with only carrier at-55/105 dbm  




In kiwi in Bandung   ins now withmla30a and a few from Philippines SDR :

9380 AIR /Vid Bharati 1307 with old boly songs S9/7

9420 CNR 6 instead on CNR13 in the west ! slow talks in CC over tradmusic 

9810 CNR OMwith fast talks over a known western song of 80s QRmed andQRIing 9820 with also 20 kHz wide channel S20

9820 Biejing 9 am In english Zhiongguo GUangshuy guangbo , then withsongs  S20 -54 dbm

9830 CNR1 with talks -50dbm  max

9835 RTMsarawak is ‘poor’ as S9 +10 max in between megasignals in thepart of the band  much better inPhilippines with S20 -55 dbm with memburu rindu from Hatan

9840 VoV with Talks in Indonesian 1406 with -50 dbm

11665 wai Fm with local semi trad songs on 1320

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