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Jazz On KOWB 1290 Laramie, WY

Monday, July 20 2020

Reminds be of the days Sunday morning Polka Parties were popular for stations. 73, John

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Subject: [irca] Jazz On KOWB 1290 Laramie, WY

Odd things you find on AM radio sometimes.. and not always in a small town!

KOWB 1290 is an AM that runs news/talk/sports.. a pretty good mix of all of that. Well, one Sunday mornings.. they run 2 hours of JAZZ. Yup! The Dave Koz Radio show airs 5 to 7am on Sundays!.

I'm told they do it because the program costs them nothing to run and there's nothing else better to put in that segment of the day that anyone would listen to. At 5am on A Sunday, you're scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel for news/talk sports stuff



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