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Monitoring on 22

Thursday, July 23 2020


9570 IRIBin kurdish with ID on 1411 and -70/115 dbm with some JMJ music atfter ID .“Corona u remburu … “ 96951413  -83 signal but full of internalnoise partial reception with  Islamicchants on 1418 This is SABC S Arabia in Pushtu 7385 thewell known Xizang PBS freq with man singing and signal of -75/125dbm oin 1420UTC Program in Elngish in 1634 head Holy Tibet then with more than intense Chinese sounding music (surely Tibetan)  ad with signal -60dbm 9630 CNR 13with lessons of Russian on 1520   after amusic program with locals .at at-74/115 the noise is still quite annoying 9800  a 10 KHz only kontayner signal of -105dbm athigh 9820 CNR2  IDed as Xiinhus Zhe Shen followed by a“?? Radio’ at 1531 with then talks over music by YL and continuing the sameformat9830 1629with western music sudden audio stop but not the signal !!! open carrier at-90/115 dbm(AWRBU_9820 immediatestart  after the audio stop of  the 9830 s off  in Hausa? with talks in corona virus  ID as VoA with -49/115dbm (eibi shows BBC konkani)

1575 Oddisiaradio informal at 1422 with ol songs 1278 unofficialstation with songs of 60’s -78/115db810 Skopje1439 with nice audio oat 2x7 khz -71/120dbm

Zacharias LiangasRSP1a  with Console & Uno &2x16 m antena
Icom  R75 /PL380 /  De1103  radios
https://del.icio.us/gr_greek1/ZAK (all pages)
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