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My Big AM dx loop antenna

Wednesday, August 05 2020

Great video presentation Paul.

The info about the various commercial pieces should be valuable to many.

For specifically MW operation you might have been able to get away with a 1:1 balun transformer and the common mode choke being outdoors and maybe everything else indoors. But maybe not.

Thanks for providing this.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION | South Yarmouth, MA | FN41vq
On Tuesday, August 4, 2020 Paul B. Walker, Jr. <IRCA@groups.io> wrote:
There’s certain things I’m comfortable  with doing and certain things I’m a bit timid about when it comes to electronics and antennas. 
I can’t soldier or add connectors on to things that aren’t already there but o can build when I’ve got complete pieces 
I’ve had a few people over the years inspire me, give me ideas and push me in the right direction 
Since I’ve had a few questions over the years about my 25 foot long by 10 foot tall magnetic loop antenna, I thought I’d share this video since were getting towards AM DX season again 
This is a detailed, 10 plus minute narrated video on how my antenna is built, how it’s set up and how I use it.  It’s done with the paul walker aim of... building it with parts anyone anywhere can get and anyone, even as non handy and impatient as I am .... can build. 
If I can do this... anyone can.
https://youtu.be/ICHNlcLhAKE_._,_._,_Groups.io Links:
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