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Monitoring 18/9

Saturday, September 19 2020


11530 Denge Welat once again with poor signal on 10xx times .  -73 dbm mixed with local noise of -110dbmand the Voice of Erdogan with the same at best signal that makes receptionrather difficult At 1153 denge gets one step ahead with even the same level.

11630 CNR13 1155 talks in Kazakh at 1200 with gongs then ID ‘work helk stank  radio se‘ or somehow close to it , oenof theIDs I never got well aquainted .just -87dbm above the 115dbm noise but listeningis not pain . There is some partial co channel qrm New afgter 1205 mixed withsome trad songs

11720-30kontainer in a slightly different mode than usual at 1215 Zoon up the spectran showshundreds of carriers spaced evenlyt around 40 Hz space for 15-20 KHZ width! –see my posting in  SDR Console V3 HFlistening DC-30 MHz facebook group


11975 XInjinagPBS in Kirgiz with short music clip then ID on 1230 News then 123130 off signal-75/-115 dbm


15824.5 Qsonet between people in most poss Romanian on 1249 in USB.. Just inside the band..-96/115 dbm also mentioned on the virus


15470 Crashand bang jammer from Firedragon against ??  1258 with clipped audio plus internal buzzer thatspreds to about 15 Hz in very side band Quite boring to listen after 5 minutes..Signal just -78/-125dbm


15825 WWCR1307 alone in that part of the band with religious ‘pogrom’  as always  -82/-130dbm


4965 Vo Hope as the previous time with -80/-110dbm max signa S7l . 1713with music . and fading up to 20db Talks in 1725


5010 AIR? 1726 with hindi (tamil ) songs and -75/-105dbm signal 1730talks by OM – not noticed the ID – in pres Tamil Around 1535 seems English


No 5140  today on 1720 !


6340 CNR 1is with a signal -63/-110dbm  with talks with fading to -80 . though jammer itcan be used as standard broadcsting in this signal level with a rich 16 khzbandwidth  without QRMing anyone ! ID in1721 then with tlaks by YL and short external reports .


9670 posibly one of the latest to listen to R 292 in the new frequency. Signalwas at -85 but suddenly faded down at 1740 being in // with 6070  this is rather prop problem as in Websdr huthe signal is at -65/-90dbm


And a fewnightlogs with PL380 with 8 m antenna and trimmer to lower the signals for no overloading while I was in bed.  There was a problem with the FROZEN laptop thatwas required to leave for all night till reset . There is no hardware reset builtin .


9665 Voz Missioanria 2046  withtalks in Portuguese ,mixed with Pyongyang Pangsong and poor signal around 15 dbSNR : that is Checking the signal  andthen checking a nearby vacant freq and subtracting  the numbers This is a better way than checkingthe S+N indication


9510 Saudui Arabia c2056 with Quranic psalms and abrupt sign off at 2100Around 20 db SNR


9330 WBCQ with German program 2105 , with continuous reference to Yahweh.Signalis between 18-24 dbSNR


5805 and 5840 the two Danish radio stations are  above margin at 2120 or very poor


6015 R Romania 0510 on 19/9 with program in English , news Good

Zacharias Liangas

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