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4880 signal

Tuesday, September 29 2020

KOREA REP OF 4880.004 EoH VoH Seoul in Korean at 22.45 UT on Sept 28.
S=9+15dB signal in Korean language monitored on remote SDR rx
at Hiroshima Japan and Tokyo Japan.

3479.992 VoP Goyang, guitar song performer, S=9+15dB at 22.57 UT,
underneath slight BUBBLE jamming noted also.

3909.966 S=9+20dB signal strenght. But KRE jamming on adjacent 3915 kHz !

3924.985 same strength. But KRE jamming on adjacent 3930 kHz !

3985.021 EoH VoH Hwaseong, S=9 at 23.25 UT on Sept 28.
But KRE jamming on adjacent 3990 kHz !

5995.019 EoH VoH powerhouse of S=9+45dB at 23.33 UT, talk on male/female,
( 3480, 3910, 3925 )

6014.997 KBS Seoul Hwaseong, S=9+35dB equal powerhouse level of KRE jamming
Kujang at 23.40 UT on Sept 28.

6245even ( 3985, 6350 kHz ) EoH VoH, S=9+30dB,some scratch noise signal
underneath from KRE.

6350.032 ( 3985, 6350 kHz ) EoH VoH, S=9+35dB at 23.52 UT.

6519.970 KOR VoP Goyang scheduled, equal jamming noise KRE outlet,
heavy powerhouse S=9+40dB strength signal at 23.55 UT.

6600even KOR VoP Goyang S=9+30dB powerful, same KRE jamming too
like 6520 kHz. 23.57 UT.

9094.998 KOR EoH Suwong, 3985, 5995 kHz. S=9+25dB at 23.59 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

KOREA D.P.R. 3249.993 KCBS Pyongyang, light orchestra mx of KRE kind.
At 22.50 UT on Sept 28 S=9+10dB strength.

3219.853 KCBS Hamhung relay, weaker at S=7 level, -87dBm at 22.55 UT.

3320.004 KCBS Pyongyang S=8 signal at 22.56 UT on Sept 28.

3958.999 KCBS Kanggye, fair S=6 signal, 3220, 3250 kHz program.

3969.983 Echo of Unification, Chongjiu KRE, S=8-9 at 23.20 UT.

4453 kHz KRE jamming against whom ? 11 kHz wideband jamming block,
S=9+15dB at 23.27 UT.

5905.013 KRE Echo of Unification, endless talk in Korean,
S=9+30dB powerhouse in Hirsoshima SDR rx unit.

5925 powerful KRE jamming of S=9+20dB strength, probably ahead of
KOR VoFreedom VoH Hwaseong deep underneath. 23.30 UT on Sept 28.

6100even KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye site, S=9+20dB at 23.47 UT
on Sept 28. Korean singer light music morning program.

6400.005 PBS Pyongyang S=9+30dB at 23.54 UT on Sept 28.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 28)

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Echo of Hope, South Korea in Korean? Parallel 6245 kHz. I think they
change frequency to avoid jamming periodically on Mondays.
So ex 4890 kHz last week?
73 Alan

On 28/09/2020 21:45, Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez via groups.io wrote:
I am hearing now (20:43 utc) a tiny signal in 4.880 kHz but it´s weak
here in Spain. There is a lasy talking with a man, but I cannot get
the language they use. Any idea? S I O 1 4 1/2
73! /Jorge Garzón (EB7EFA · EA1036 SWL) QTH: IN83ag 43º15' N 03º56' W
39698 Santiurde de Toranzo (ESPAÑA - SPAIN)
Blog: IberiaDX <http://jotagarzon.home.blog>
Twitter: @IberiaDX <https://twitter.com/IberiaDX>/

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