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Komotini 1404 back now

Friday, October 16 2020

GREECE {and non} Athens and Patra morning log on Oct 16, 06.45-07.50 UTC.

1404.008 GRC Komotini at 06.45 UT, S=9+15dB in Athens capital remotedly

662.735 poor Libya Benghazi ? tentat. 07.50 UT on Oct 16.

729.007 GRC ERA Athens Bogianti site, S=9+60dB locally in Athens,
20 kHz wideband audio, at 06.50 UT on Oct 16.

926.993 TUR TRT Izmir, Radio play childrens hour, S=9+10dB in Athens,
at 06.56 UT on Oct 16.

944.999 GRC Mousikous Episkeptis (WRTH p219 list), 10 kHz wide at 06.58
S=9+10dB -59dBm.

971.999 GRC Just switch-on started at 07.36 UT Oct 16, S=9+15dB -49dBm

1007.990 GRC ERA Net Corfu Kerkyra, S=8 -82dBm, 4.5 kHz wideband audio,
but much powerful on west coast line S=9+35dB. 06.48 UT.

1187.995 GRC Nikolaus Elata, S=7 or -82dBm strength, 07.00 UT on Oct 16

1152.008 ROU Cluj Napoca, S=6 or -90dBm at 07.12 UT.

1224.005 GRC Unid Greek pirate, Greek flute mx px, S=5 -94dBm, 07.16 UT

1286.997 GRC Greek mx program, 07.37 UT, S=9+10dB or -66dBm, into
US Yankee America pop.

1304.995 GRC ERA? Tripoli, S=7 -84dBm at 06.53 UT.

1314even ROU AS Romania ? Constanta / Timisoara 3 ? S=6 -91dBm, 07.18 UT

1340.992 GRC Star Radio from Athens area, 07.33 UT S=7 or -92dBm.

1431.015 GRC Soft Greek mx, at 07.31 UT at S=8 -71dBm.

1547.937 GRC much odd frequency, Unid Greek pirate, 07.21 UT S=8,
15 kHz wideband audio, modern English soul pop rhythm,
when checked again at 07.28 UT moved up to nearly even
1547.997 kHz settled.

1583.998 GRC Ilida Radio Kastro, Greek folk mx, west coast station,
10 kHz wide local island program.

1601.996 ??? Unid Pirate weak, unstable hopping some 4 Hertz around.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

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Komotini is around one month back after some discussions with other people
in a facebook group Signal is as enclosed or se that in the fowling link



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