Hard-Core-DX.com: BC-DX 24 Oct item: Iran

BC-DX 24 Oct item: Iran

Sunday, October 25 2020

re IRI-B Spanish sce in B-20 winter season.

Thank you Dario,
all these IRIB Iran or AIR India for example,
looking for bureaucratic behavior in conflicting internal shortwave radio
departments in the broadcasting houses,
in different decisions, fighting each other,
leaves the listener audience unsatisfied and disappointed.

IRAN Yes noted also VoIRIB in other languages this morning:

Arabic to NoAF, Sahel, Sahara, West Africa target is functioning well on
13790.007 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Arabic 06-08 UT, at 08.20 UT on Oct 25,
S=8-9 sidelobe signal.

13820.006 IRN IRIB Zahedan in Arabic 08.30-10.30 UT, at 08.59 UT on Oct 25,
S=9+20dB sidelobe signal into Germany.

Others from first B-20 logbook this morning Oct 25.

UNKNOWN, before I could check DRM mode on 5955 ... 5960 digital content,
the signal disappeared at 08.30 UT, likely R Kuwait on 5959v in DRM mode
instead of AM mode ? 02.00-08.30 UT ?

TURKEY 11710.006 TRT Emirler in Azeri Turk language, S=9+15dB into strength
sidelobe European target, Turkish folk mx, at 08.42 UT on Oct 25.

11925.005 TRT Emirler in Turkish, S=9+15dB at 08.44 UT, Turkish folk mx.

CHINA 12210even CNR1 jamming against likely TWN SOH, S=9 at 08.46 UT.

13590even CNR1 jamming against likely TWN SOH, S=9+20dB at 08.47 UT.
20 kHz wideband audio block.

13630even Unfortunatelly bad co-channel mixture of CHN CRI Jamming in
Mandarin at 08.49 UT
and Sunday only Romanian sce of RRI Tiganesti scheduled single day
08.00-09.57 UT. S=9

13680even CHN CRI1 Mandarin jamming S=9+20dB signal at 08.50 UT.

13775even CHN CRI1 Mandarin jamming S=9+15dB signal at 08.56 UT.

13870even CHN CRI1 Mandarin jamming S=9+15dB signal at 08.59 UT Oct 25.

SAUDI ARABIA 13719.986 odd fq R Saudi International in Somali(?) at
08.52 UT on Oct 25, Chorus sung like National Anthem Hymn,
til 08.54:07 UT TX switch OFF. S=9+20dB, scheduled 07.00-08.55 UT.

13780.042 tentat. BSKSA HQ progr, poor signal S=7 at 08.56 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 25)

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Hello everyone.
My name Is Dario Gabrielli and I am writing from Italy.

I would like to inform to whole group that yesterday 24 October I received
an email from Pars today or Voice of Iran where I am informed that the
broadcasts both Spanish and Italian continue to be on air regularly in
short waves. Greetings to the whole list.