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yesterday monitoring

Thursday, October 29 2020


4775 poss.R Tarma  22xx with very poor and muffled audio due to a -85dbm signal Talks by OM IN accordancewith http://kiwibsb.ddns.net:8074/?f=4775.00amnz10
4870 seems Mystery21 to be again back I their new freq with songs and -85dbm signal

5840 WMR2311  with typical Afroribean songs andrich signal at -82dbm noting on 5805 or 5825

5995 2142talk in Swahili? Then talks by various OMs . Underneath a acapella song  Signal -65 Al Irana   Sudan , Somali

6020 CRI inSpanish mentioning also Cuba relations and cooperation 2147 with nice signal of-55dbm and also hot pop music 2148 with nice Cuban mambo

6205 Laserhot hits in its genuine signal of -90dbm with some rock  music , under high noise and also  a kontayner type bursts of  ca 2-3 secs 10 KHz only wide

6230 ?? unknownwith USB fem voce at2136 with only -110dbm seem as as meteo https://app.box.com/s/ymrhka5ypjy188havw5bd4exl64jdw4v

Possiblywiluna as noticed in eibi

6985 pirate with -85dbm and orck song

7127.5 Kontaynerof -90dbm with around 25db SNR Also on 7184 with -100 dbm

7220RRomania *2257 with program after 2300 in English -82dbm 

7225 VoIRI?In Hausa (?) mentioning macron n most -65dbm dan Tehran There is some annoyingunderneath noise. Mohammad Sueye Sudan . Slow fading with15 db depths “Africaayoo “ VOA Africa .Program continues and after 2300

7475 R Thailand in English 2033 with news -71/115dbm it seemspossibly new freq ca 2x5kHz wide

7508.8.--. Marker -96dbm at 2037

7541kontayner burst 2039 at-100 dbm

7550 clandto N Korean 20xx in between konayner and STANAG carriers .. Only 2x1.7kHz are availableto listen to them in clear

7570 Vof  Korea  at-85dbmwith typical operas at 2047

7780 WRMIon 2049 seems rather fade in with-92dbm but with erven good mod is not easy tolisten IN contrast Yahweh network on 9330 is heard with its 500 KW power at-54dbm and in German propagandizing  onYahweh with its 2x5 kHz wide audio over a -100dbm noise

9525 DengeWelat 2052 with a folk song about Kurdistan and a signal that rocks! (-45dbmbut surely must be more! )

 11820 theArabic station today is very poor -91dbm at 2128UTC Some phone ins with pplpraying via the line

11860 and11930 RHC in total parallel as shown im the double screen with -72/-125dbm


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