Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs November 1-2-3, 2020

Glenn Hauser logs November 1-2-3, 2020

Tuesday, November 03 2020


Hi Glenn, My latest Hitlist update.

1) Change of DST - Amended Time-Zone offset notations for Cuba
(Progreso, Rebelde) and USA (Martí, VOA, WRMI)
2) Cuba - R Progreso: Updated link to live stream; removed link to
audio on demand (as page no longer found)
3) Germany - MBR: Updated link to new B-20 frequency schedule
4) India - All India R: Updated link to generic AIR Homepage, and
removed link to AIR's own frequency page as no longer exists
5) Romania - RRI: Updated link to new webpage for B-20 frequencies,
and deleted link to RRI's own on-demand/podcasts (as no longer
6) Spain - REE: Updated link to new webpage for B-20 frequencies
7) Turkey - TSR: Added link to frequency page for TSR
8) USA - WRMI: Moved "Encore Classical Music" link from association
with WWCR to WRMI

Unless there's a major change anywhere, the next update will be end of
November. Best wishes and 73 from England (where we are about to go
into another national lockdown). (Alan Roe, Nov 1)

** CHINA. CNR1 jammer survey, Nov 1 at 2307: 7540 Chinese S9, //
weaker 7810, 7470; at 2321, 6125; 2322, JBA Chinese 11170, 10920,
10870; JBA carriers on 11120, 11070, many of same SOH jam frequencies
heard in our mornings. 7540 is jamming RFA Tibetan via Kuwait; 7470 is
RFA Tibetan via Tajikistan, both this hour only. 7810 is an SOH
frequency but Aoki does not have it on and jammed at this hour. 6125
is a legit CNR1 non-jammer channel.

Around grayline, I have some other non-CNR1 // Chineses: at 2310,
7325, which is CRI Cantonese via Kunming. And at 2322 on 6140, vocal
operatic which is same service and site.

6900, at 2315, something weak, Chinese? Yes, a SOH *jammer.

[and non] 6100, at 2320 Nov 1, Chinese music, i.e. CRI Portuguese via
Beijing short-path to here but aiming long-path 318 degrees, and //
13650 same via CUBA, but on the latter, modulation cutting on & off,
while NHK is continuously audible underneath. This service continues
to be *nothing* but music fill for years now! Something`s always wrong
at RadioCuba as well as CRI (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CHINA [non]. 15700, Nov 2 at 1500, S9+20/30 of dead air except for
big hum, then trace of CRI English modulation, ex-11880 via CUBA. By
1505 modulation has crept up a bit but still awful. Something`s always
wrong at RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 5954, Nov 2 at 2312, Cuban pulse jamming centred here, a
legacy disservice originally drawn by the Costa Rican transmitter of
Radio República, remember that? Which has been gone for many years
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 6145, UT Mon Nov 2 at 0213-0218, RHC English with `DXers
Unlimited`, Derwin? Jones substituting for Arnie who has a ``sore
throat``, but the script is typical Arnie stuff about propagation and
ham radio, lasting only 5 minutes. Just confirming DXUL still exist
around these times for next DX/SWL/MEDIA PROGRAMS update pending
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 13700, Nov 2 at 1538, VP S5-S6 signal, must be RHC but
dreadfully weak, for music is // 11760 which is suptorted! As is
15140. // 15230 is a little better. At 1540 I find more RHC still on
air, nominally until 1600 now? or slipshod: 9535 not distorted but
fluttery; and 7350 very poor and undermodulated. Somethings always
wrongs at RHC. It may be another week before intentional B-20 changes
settle in as Arnie plays catch-up. Individual Spanish program times
should already have shifted one UT hour later (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** ITALY. 18164-USB, Nov 2 at 1455, IU3BTY fonetikaly calling QRZ.
Seems Italy/Slovenia area is a hotspot for 17m activity and/or
propagation to here.
``IU3BTY, Valerio Spagnolo, Via Cristoforo Colombo n.20, Conegliano
(Tv) 31015, Italy`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR) See also SLOVENIA

** KURDISTAN [non]. 15600, Nov 2 at 1459, ``Dengê Amerika`` ID and off
1500*. It`s VOA Kurdish via Woofferton UK at 14-15 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** MEXICO. 560, Nov 2 at 0629 UT, ID in passing as I tune across,
sounds like ``La Serena - 98.1``. But no such slogan is listed for any
Mexican or any Latin American, and there are no US SS on 560. Instead
I think it must have been:

XEGIK, Monclova, Coahuila, which is my nearest XE anyway, per IRCA
Mexican Log, 1400/250 watts with FM on 88.1, ``La Acerera`` --- acero
means steel but acera can also mean sidewalk. Steel mill? IIRC,
Monclova is a polluted industrial town, and there is a General Steel
Group there, at least with warehouse and sales if not manufaxuring.
The Steely Station? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** SLOVENIA. On 18113-USB, Nov 1 at 1458, I have been hearing a ham
making quick contacts as ``CNR57DX``. A three-letter prefix is unheard
of and surely wrong; nonesuch in qrz.com but I can`t figure out what
he is really saying? Never with fonetix to make it clear except for
the ``DX`` which is obvious. CN+ implies Morocco. Ideas?

Don Moman, AB replied on the WOR iog: ``I'm hearing the pileup all
calling Slavko S57DX on 18113.``

Tnx, Don. I guess he is saying fonetik ``sierra`` but it sure sounds
like C-N-R. I bet he`s related to S51DX I logged the other day.
Slovenia, land of future first-ladies. Yes, they are brothers. Lots of
info at:


Still allows a little time for chat about weather, etc., but clearly
trying to rack up contacts, contest? Lots of other activity on 17m,
such as a pileup on 18150-USB.

18122-USB, Nov 2 at 1450, there he is again, S57DX with quick North
American contacts, CQ 17, this time alternating ``sierra`` with
``sugar``, better clearer signal than yesterday. Still going at 1546
recheck. See also ITALY (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2058 monitoring: confirmed UT
Monday November 2 at 0030 on WRMI 7730, VG direct.

Also confirmed UT Mon Nov 2 at 0130 on WRMI 7780, S9/+10 to UTwente.

Also confirmed UT Mon Nov 2 at 0230 on WRMIs 7780, ditto; and 5800
good to Bonaire SDR. So those remain at same UTs, no shifts.

Also confirmed UT Mon Nov 2 from 0401 on Area 51, 6159.92 WBCQ, S7 but
sounds VG into a Rochester SDR, now one UT hour later.

Also confirmed UT Mon Nov 2 at 0430, one hour later, on WRMI webcast,
but cannot hear 9955 direct except some weak pulse jamming, nor can I
hear it via various KiwiSDRs in North & South America!

Also confirmed Monday November 2 from 1900.9 on IRRS 7290 via
BULGARIA, S9+30 into UTwente SDR from *1857 carrier, 1859.8 ID with P
O box, 1900.3 FSN headlines before WOR. With a few glitches OK past
1910 at least.

Also confirmed UT Tue Nov 3 at 0108 the 0100 on WRMI 7780, good at
UTwente. Next:
0330 UT Tuesday WRMI 5800 to SSE
2200 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW [timeshift]
2300 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 to SSE [timeshift]
0100 UT Thursday WRMI 7780 to NE

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

Thanks this week for financial support from ionospheric researcher Dr
Phil Erickson, who, along with a contribution via PayPal to woradio at
yahoo.com says:

``Dear Mr. Hauser - thanks for decades of faithful work on Review of
International Broadcasting, World of Radio, and more. I first received
RIB in upstate NY in 1977 and have admired your work ever since.
Keeping up now with WOR through groups.io. Good DX, always. -- Phil
Erickson, Clinton, MA, USA (de W1PJE)``

Contributions via PayPal not necessarily in US funds. One may also
contribute via money order or check in US funds on a US bank to Glenn
Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9955, Nov 2 at 1539, WRMI is still on with The Overkiller,
substituting for 9395, altho surely in the opposite direxion, and //
9455 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. AHW has vaguely mentioned special programming tonight
commemorating the 100th anniversary of broadcasting in the form of
KDKA, on WBCQ 7490 & 6160 = UT Tuesday. But I don`t find anything
about it in his twits or on the website, nor of zappahead. Does anyone

I do see on the *WBCQ* 7490 program sked a new wacko conspiracy show
Tue-Sat at 0400-0600. But these hours are in HFCC for WHRI not WBCQ,
and I already heard something last week assumed to be Cypress Creek
since it was not off-frequency. Is the takeover/merger underway
already? (Glenn at 2141 UT Nov 2, WOR iog)

No replies, but monitoring 7490.1 from 0000 UT Tue Nov 3, good signal
direct at first but fading down by 0008, the usual `Uncle Bill`s
Melting Pot` repeat filler, the first dekaminute also commemorating
the KDKA anniversary with some songs popular in 1920y, starting with

Then I switch to 6159.92, S9 for WBCQ Area 61 and hear a docu about
the early days of KDKA, in fact a produxion by KDKA when ``today`` was
the Reagan era, mentioning adding a ``Far North Service`` on SW in the
`30s. Then I find this week`s Area 61 has now been revealed at

``Area 61 for 2-6 November 2020
Tune in weekdays at 7PM US eastern time (0000 UTC) on WBCQ 6.160 MHz.
You can listen to us on the internet at http://splatterbox.us/area51

Monday 2 November 2020
KDKA Pittsburgh began regular broadcasting 100 years ago today when
the station began an election night broadcast at 6 p.m. on Tuesday,
Nov. 2, 1920, from a tiny shack atop one of the Westinghouse Electric
buildings in East Pittsburgh.

Four men manned that first broadcast: Engineer William Thomas;
telephone line operator John Frazier; R.S. McClelland, a standby; and
Leo Rosenberg, radio's first announcer.

The election returns of the Harding-Cox presidential race were relayed
to about one thousand listeners who learned through this incredible
new medium who the next president of the United States would be.

Celebrating 100 Years of KDKA Radio
KDKA Celebrates 65 (November 2, 1985)
Adventures In Research 30 December 1944 Eyes and Ears For the Millions
Jean Shepherd 1965 - Magic of Radio``
I then listen to more of it on the stream (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 1020, Nov 3 at 0120 UT, it`s the 100th anniversary of
broadcasts from KDKA Pittsburgh PA, so it would be nice to log them
now. But as usual, nearby KOKP Perry OK stupid sportstalk dominates
even at night, and if I null it, instead of KDKA it`s gospel huxtering
in Spanish, no doubt 50 kW KCKN Roswell NM, which if it were operating
properly would be nulling toward KDKA and me. These two stations make
a hefty SAH of 4 Hz. In my dreams, I imagine a broadcasting industry
salute to KDKA by all the other 1020 stations turning off tonight for
an hour or three --- fat chance!!! NRC AM log shows there are only 8
more USA 1020s with at least low power at night (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** VATICAN. 13830, Nov 2 at 1548, VP talk and music S5-S7, Aoki shows
it`s VR via own SMG site daily in Amharic 1530-1600 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** VENEZUELA. 6905.93, Nov 2 at 0240, ROCV into Bonaire SDR is a JBA
carrier where it is usually well audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)


DON`T VOTE REPUBLICAN --- I appreciate readers tolerating my
occasional political comments here, as I do not participate in any
political online fora. My fellow Americans --- please --- let us elect
a decent, honest, competent president; and Congress to back him up, as
we desperately need to start reversing the terrible damage they have
been doing to *our* federal government from within. Thank you (Glenn)

This report despatched at 0248 UT November 3