Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs November 21, 2020

Glenn Hauser logs November 21, 2020

Saturday, November 21 2020

** CUBA. 4747 & 4782 approx., Nov 21 at 0236, ratchety spurblobs out
of 4765 R. Progreso, plus/minus 17-18 kHz. Something`s always wrong at
RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA [and non]. 6000, UT Sat Nov 21 at 0125, RHC English on here
only but no 6145, unsure of 9700 yet, if on not strong into a
portable. Anyhow starting circa 0100, not 0200.

9700, by 0205 Nov 21 on the R75 I am hearing this new RHC English
frequency with much-delayed B-20 sked going into effect, but it`s only
S3-S5, much less than 6000 which is S9 but undermodulated; and 9700
pales by comparison with the bigsig next to it from 9690 Spain.

9700, by 0333 Nov 21, this RHC has surged to S9+20, now stronger and
with more modulation than 6000. At 0452 checking 9700 at Maine SDR,
roughly equal collision, as predicted with Turkey in Turkish which was
already there for B-20 at 04-07 UT; but at UTwente, only TRT.
Something`s always wrong at RHC.

6060, Nov 21 at 0459, Arabic music VG into Maine, i.e. ALGERIA via
FRANCE with signature clickbeeping on defective Issoudun transmitter
but cuts off by 0500 leaving nuttin` but noise. Still no signal at
0548. RHC is supposedly reactivating 6060 in Spanish at 01-05, English
05-07, or -08? Maybe later, but if so this will be colliding at 04-05.
Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** JAPAN [non]. 9560, Nov 21 at 0334, news in English all about
COVID-9 especially concerning Japan. Includes brief snippets of
citizen comments voiced over into English, just like NHK does on TV.
This is the *Swahili* service, but still inserting part of TV news
audio in English instead of proper language. It`s also a defacto North
American service, always with a good signal from MADAGASCAR, 250 kW at
320 degrees toward E Africa but carrying on into deep North America.
Shhh, don`t tell anyone as we are not supposed to listen to Radio
Japan in English on SW! 0339 plays some jingly-music, maybe to
accompany video-only world weather info? But 0340 back into Swahili
after seeming to intro show as ``Day Now``, of course IDing as
required with English name ``NHK World`` in all languages; into songs
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** MADAGASCAR. 5009.919, Nov 21 at 0240, JBA talk maybe French from
RNM always off-minus, S8-S9 vs noise level of S6-S7; WRMI closes at
0230 clearing for this which now copes only with that chirping from
5007. India is gone for good from 5010, but if WRMI-14 is weak enough,
you might hear a het from Mad. before 0230.

4980, BTW, still not hearing any JBA carrier or modulation from
WRMI-4. For a while this frequency was displayed on the skedgrid as #4
but with NO timeblox. Now I see that has been replaced by 11710, so
maybe there are plans for 11710, perhaps even with full power, but
nothing yet. 11710 has been registered in Jeff`s HFCC as 23-03 in
English & Spanish, 100 kW at 160 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2061 monitoring: confirmed UT
Saturday November 21 at 0130 on WRMI 7780, VG S9+10/15 into UTwente
SDR and also VG into Maine. Next:

1300 UT Saturday WRMI 15770 to NE
2030vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM
2300 UT Saturday WRMI 7780 to NE
0400vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0415; as late as 0500]
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7730 to WNW
0130 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to NE
0230 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to NE, 5800 to SSE
0400vUT Monday WBCQ 6160v Area 61 to WSW
0430 UT Monday WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE
1900vUT Monday IRRS 7290 Bulgaria to WNW, 594-Italy
0100 UT Tuesday WRMI 7780 to NE
0200 UT Tuesday WRMI 9955 to SSE [jammed?] NEW
0330 UT Tuesday WRMI 5800 to SSE
2200 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
2300 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 to SSE
0100 UT Thursday WRMI 7780 to NE

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(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. (7490.1v), UT Sat Nov 21 at 0100, WBCQ webcast as `AAAWWW`
is starting with WTO theme. First subject about drug prices,
conspiracy theory that the China-produced virus is being used as an
excuse to keep drug prices high in the US, tnx to the Rothschilds,
Bilderburgs, Illuminati --- but AHW reminds us ``don`t want to sound
like conspiracy theorists`` meanwhile going on about this thinly
veiled anti-Semitic stuff; ``the elexion ain`t over`` so plenty more
politiix in store this week. AHW wants to play some podcast he heard
but has to do it by holding his phone up to mike. Tune out. Tune back
in at 0132 to 6159.9 confirmed // via Warrenton SDR as same othervoice
is still going back on webcast, but studio quality so AHW must have
found a better way to connect. 0143 finally outroing this guest with
his name and name of program which I am not going to repeat, as he has
been making a totally bonkers conspiracy case about this cabal trying
to control us. By 0153 reading e-mails, all of whom seem to be
deep-enders in agreement. Wrapup as usual with prayer, and canned AHW
ID cuts off live AHW before he finishes in time for 0200 Hal Turner
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 5800, UT Sat Nov 21 at 0320, WRMI S9+20/30 with operatic
duet --- certainly not another TRSW repeat as rumoured. Who would be
playing classical on WRMI but Brice Avery? Yes, it is additional run
of his `Encore` hour, temporary fill or not? Soon outro as a
bass/tenor duet from `The Pearl Fishers` by Bizet. 0352 recheck, about
to ``play out`` with Schubert`s String Quarter #13, second movement.
These are from the 21/11 Playlist, already airing. Play-out means
Brice signs off early and never says anything at the very end; instead
the music is still playing at 0359.5 when it`s chopped off for ID,
0400 dead air and about to turn off. What will occupy this
frequency-hour next week? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0604 UT November 21