Hard-Core-DX.com: 7200 kHz, National Unity Radio today Nov 21 via KiwiNet receivers.

7200 kHz, National Unity Radio today Nov 21 via KiwiNet receivers.

Saturday, November 21 2020

TAIWAN 7200 kHz, National Unity Radio, via Tamshui Taipei site,
at 1145-1152 UT on Saturday Nov 21.

KiwiNet Server direction finding TDoA in Far East, centered
at Tamshui-TWN site:

TDoA screenshot .jpg download free access



European Bandwatch of radio amateurs has started the ITU investigation.
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re 'border' frequency 7200 kHz usage next to amateur radio band
7000 - 7200 kHz. 1st bcast channel upper side is 7205 kHz in upper range.

ITU Radio Regulations<https:www.itu.int/pub/R-REG-RR-2020>


The Radio Regulations, Edition of 2020, contains the complete texts of the
Radio Regulations adopted by the World Radiocommunication Conference of
1995 (WRC-95) and reviewed by the subsequent World Radiocommunication

WRC-97 (Geneva, 1997), WRC-2000 (Istanbul, 2000), WRC-03 (Geneva, 2003),
WRC-07 (Geneva, 2007), WRC-12 (Geneva, 2012), WRC-15 (Geneva, 2015) and
WRC-19 (Sharm el-Sheik, 2019). As per a 2013 Council decision, the pdf
versions are now posted free of charge, and can be accessed via MyITU,
where pre-orders for hard-copies or DVDs can also be made for deliveries
as early as November 2020.



RR 4.5
"The frequency assigned to a station of a given service shall be
separated from the limits of the band allocated to this service in such a
way that, taking account of the frequency band assigned to a station, no
harmful interference is caused to services to which frequency bands
immediately adjoining are allocated."
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 21)
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