Hard-Core-DX.com: 26/11 monitoring

26/11 monitoring

Friday, November 27 2020

26/11 monitoring


Legend :
## / light-blue   screenshot available only in selected FCpages as above$ $ /green             remotekiwi reception
&&/yellow         otherequipment reception – mostly PL380


4000## pirate? Using CUSB with many signal off and ons1628 See the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfIECbY-SuU

4777.55Udiscussions between 2 or more operators at 1615 with signals -93 and -75 seemwsas Russian

4980 unsureXinjiang  pBS 1605 seem  to be there with-85dbm in a modulated carrierbut no eas y heard due to the -80/110 dbm signal and rather dull audio Also on 5060## with CC program mixedwith a carrier on 5061.6

6020 CRIAlbanian IDing with editoina cultural 1902 with alks in Albania and mixed withfiredrake music carriers on 6015nd 6030Signal -60dbm Music after 6020 Signal 20kHz wide ! Albanian proram by another station on 7305  (VoiRI )

6070 TRT1646  Turkish song then talks in Farsi bestreception is in LSB to avoid QRM from 6075

6075 CRI1638 herd in double (2 signals? Just seen one carrier on exact freq with OPMand YL laughing  ) against radio TaiwanBoth have same signal

6090  CRI wih CC music (hakka program) over AmhraRadio 1636 tat hed underneath

6245  VoP with talks in Korean 1650 QRMed high forma FSK on 6244.x of -90dbm till 1651 Ther is also a mix up from Korean jammer  Signal level of -75dbm

7325 CRI inCzach 1911 with pop music m 1312 talks -71dbm

7810 CNR-85dbm in the clear

9420&9890 at 1549 verylow -92dbm cant be heard due to high noise too

9565 TRT1539 talks in Turkish seems phone ins-65/105 with high noise elvel still at 40SNR

9575   VOA 1543 talkx in noticed hausa with-75/105 dbm up to  -65 tlask by two YL and one OM

9590 sinain -75 seems Chinese at 1546 with signal to -65 no audio on- 80dbm

9870#v# IRIB 1549 singing on with -53/105 dbm start on1553 with program int  turkssih . fistwith ID then kuranic


Zacharias LiangasAirspyHF+Discovery   with SDRConsole & 2x16 m antena
Icom  R75 /PL380 /  De1103  radios
https://del.icio.us/gr_greek1/ZAK (all pages)
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