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CPC Update, KSEN QSL's, Etc.

Monday, November 30 2020

Quick Update From the Courtesy Program Committee:

CPC Chairman Illness-

On November 18, I underwent a minor surgical procedure to remove some skin cancer from my head. It was an outpatient procedure but I acquired a MSSA infection that resulted in crashing my immune system. This left me out of commission for over a week. Unfortunately, some notifications regarding the WNJC 1360 DX Tests were not relayed to the DXing community during this time, and I apologize.

Thanks to Paul Walker, Phil Bytheway, Wayne Heinen, and others who helped to fill the void.

WNJC 1360 DX Tests-

John “Duke” Hamann continues to work on tuning the transmitters and antennas at WNJC during weekend overnights when their listenership is low. This is providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for DX’ers to log this station. Even better, he’s incorporating FT-8 mode for many of this tests since he only needs tones for his maintenance purpose.

Duke has been kind enough to set up a Facebook Group dedicated to this continuing tests, where he also provides insights on what’s going on with the stations transmitters and antennas. This is the best source of information and updates for last minute test notifications. Check it often, especially as we approach the weekends.

Not sure how long these will continue so get it while it’s hot! Thanks again Duke for this!


KSEN 1150 Shelby, MT QSL’s-

My illness has also put me well behind on checking reception reports for the recent KSEN 1150 test. My apologies to all of you. Once that list is compiled, Joe Miller, KJ8O will be creating PDF QSL cards that will be e-mailed to all who were successful. It’s at the top of my “to do” list once I’m caught up at work.

Please be patient, and don’t send duplicate reports. That only slows things down. A test report will be published soon as well.

This is one of the most widely heard tests in years. Thanks to KSEN, Todd, and everyone involved.

Upcoming DX Tests-

We have two pending DX Tests. Those stations are awaiting the creation of custom materials for their test which is also high on my “to-do” list. Hope to be able to announce something very soon.


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