Hard-Core-DX.com: "DX-Test" from JOE in Erlangen, Germany 1485 kHz

"DX-Test" from JOE in Erlangen, Germany 1485 kHz

Wednesday, January 06 2021

Very unlikely to be received in the United States but for the hard-core TA DXers a potential target:

The small medium-wave transmitter JOE of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) in Erlangen, Germany broadcasts its programme with 6 W (emrp) on 1485 kHz. Since the programme provider is currently not broadcasting and therefore no modulation can be supplied, the transmitter is broadcast a 1 kHz test tone.

The operator Ralph Oppelt (DL2NDO) writes about this today January 6, in my A-DX Mailing List:

The Funklust people are certainly on winter holiday, on DAB+ there is only "service not available". i.e. no programme, and I ultimately get no modulation signal. Last year it was already like this (at that time 1476 kHz) and so that not only the carrier is now lonely on 1485 kHz, I modified the transmitter in such a way that after 1 min. of modulation failure modulation loss, the 1 kHz tone is automatically transmitted. This allows groundwave reception during the day, where otherwise the music would no longer be identifiable from the noise.

When you hear this special DX-Test please send a short MP3 recording and your report to mw-joe@iis.fraunhofer.de <mailto:mw-joe@iis.fraunhofer.de> for an electronic QSL card. More information about the station can be found at: https://am-radio-stations.de/mittelwellen-sender-joe/ <https://am-radio-stations.de/mittelwellen-sender-joe/>

Good luck with this "DX-Test" and take care of yourselves.

73 from Salzburg, Austria
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